Interior Design Inspiration: Color in Nature 2023

When it comes to interior design, you can expect color trends to change quite often. One year could have lush colors like bright blues, reds, and oranges completely take over as the most popular colors. And a mere year later and things could switch entirely. In fact, just like in 2019, earth tones seem to be all the rage.

What colors consist of earth tones? Mainly we’re talking about greens, clay colors, purples, and browns. Whether you plan to redo your kitchen or bathroom or another room in your home, you may want to consider repainting with earth tones to match today’s current popular style. Or at least add earth-tone accents to the mix to beautify and spruce up the place.

With that said, we’d like to tell you about today’s very trendy natural earth tone colors in 2023. So if you’re interested, please stick around to discover the most popular choices.

Gray Green

Some people tend to gravitate toward gray-green more than others. It’s a very popular color nonetheless these days. Why? It’s the perfect color for people looking to tone down the chaos in their life. It’s a very peaceful color that so many find calming and relaxing.

Adding more gray-green to your bedroom is definitely a good idea and provides many benefits. Again, since it’s such a calming and relaxing color, having it in your bedroom will provide a mellowed out attitude that’s perfect for sleeping, relaxing, and getting plenty of good rest. Plus it looks great too and it’s a great color to jazz up your room.


Violet is the next very popular natural color making waves this year. People love adding violet accents and painting their walls this color because it’s fun, it really stands out, and it adds a measure of cheeriness to just about any room.

The cool thing about the color violet is when you incorporate it into a room; it gives the feeling like it’s filled with fresh flowers. And this feeling brings lots of people joy, happiness, and contentment while spending time indoors. These feelings are definitely a nice added bonus on top of violet being a very beautiful color.

Soft Clay

Soft Clay

Soft Clay is another popular natural color that many people are gravitating toward in 2019. Why? It helps provide an earthy feel in your home. Putting soft clay accents throughout the home is a great way to break up some of your typical browns and beiges that you’d often find in most rooms.

On the other side of the coin, this color really blends in with browns and beiges as well. It provides a welcoming, elegant, and casual look and feels inside the home. It really makes the entire place seem much more inviting, welcoming, and peaceful.


Honeycomb is a great color because it’s a golden yellow that’s very attractive. And since it’s also got an earthy feel to it, it’s very stylish in 2019.

Believe it or not, the fashion world first jumped on the honeycomb bandwagon. But the interior design industry was very soon to follow suit. We now see many different shades of honeycomb accenting rooms and it’s definitely been a wonderful addition.

Since honeycomb is such a bold and daring color, we would like you to use it this way. Make sure you use it as a way to celebrate life. When you fill your room with honeycomb, it creates positive, light, and warm energy for everyone to experience.



Hazelnut is incredibly popular right now along with many other earth tones. This color is gorgeous and it comes in many different shades and provides a creamy, warm, and inviting feeling. It’s a great color to spruce up the interior of nearly every place of abode.

The great thing about hazelnut is it’s comforting, welcoming, and provides an elegant feel. So if you’re trying to change the ambience to a more soothing and calming vibe, adding hazelnut furniture, fixtures, and accents is definitely a good idea.

Final Thoughts

Today’s best home designers love natural and inspiring colors like the earth tones mentioned above. Why? They make homes look and feel beautiful, calm, peaceful, and very welcoming. If you want your home to provide the same energy, then it’s finally time to begin using the earth tones we’ve mentioned today.

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