How to Keep Termites Away From Your Wooden Furniture

Are you struggling with a termite infestation in your home? Dealing with termites in the home can be a nuisance and uncomfortable for the occupants in there. Once you have noticed the infestation signs, you should begin remediating ways to protect your wooden furniture and assets from these termites. While there are many ways to eliminate them from your home, the best way is always to prevent infestation, especially on your wooden furniture. Let’s take a look at the most reasonable ways to keep termites away from your wooden furniture.

1. Protect Furniture from Moisture

When cleaning your wooden furniture, you should use a microfiber cloth instead of water. Not only does this eliminate any moisture from your furniture, but it also gives your premise that perfect ventilation. This is mainly because termites can get through to your wooden furniture from the soil and within the environment.

2. Use Wood Polish Resistant to Termites

There are different wood polishes in the market. As you choose the right one for your wooden furniture, you should consider the one with termite-resistant properties as they are a sufficient cover for protection. Usually, these wooden polishes create sturdy and glossy coats that can protect and preserve the wood. Visit the nearest supplies shop and get the correct wood polish.

3. Expose Infected Furniture to Sunlight

If you are worried about termites, there are chances that you have already seen signs in the home. Check the infested furniture and expose them to strong sunlight for three or four days. Usually, sunlight dries the wooden furniture and kills the termites on your wooden furniture.

4. Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has anti-termite properties and can protect your wooden furniture. You can extract natural Aloe Vera gel from a fresh Aloe Vera and rub it on the wooden furniture. The gel will form a thick barrier, and this prevents termites from crossing into the wood. This barrier is active for a couple of days and should be re-done to give the furniture another.

5. Use Natural Oil

There are many natural oils that you can use on furniture. However, not all of them are effective for termite prevention. You can use orange oil and neem oil to control termite infestations in the home. Usually, orange oil has d-limonene, which kills termites when it comes into contact with them. You can apply neem oil on all the wooden furniture until all the termite colonies are entirely destroyed.

6. Declutter Your House

Termites, just like other pests, tend to hide in dark corners or underlit areas. In order to protect your furniture from termites, you can declutter the home to remove items such as cardboard, old magazines, newspapers, useless papers and other unused materials. These give termites a perfect breeding place, and they can begin to attack your furniture.

7. Apply Anti-Termites Pesticides

You can also get anti-termite pesticides and apply on your wooden furniture to prevent them from infestation. There are various types available in the market, and you can select according to preference and extent of the infestation. Before you make any purchases, carefully read the labels and instructions. Additionally, you can schedule a visit to the local supplies shop and get more insight.

8. Use Olive Oil and Vinegar

Olive oil and vinegar are also apply a protective cover to your wooden furniture. You should mix olive oil and vinegar in a ration of 4:1 and apply on your wooden furniture to prevent infestations from termites.

9. Use Borax Solution

You can mix one spoon of borax powder with 250ml of warm water and spray the solution on the infested furniture. In order to protect yourself, you should put on a nose mask as borax releases harmful gases that can be detrimental to your health.

10. Sprinkle Salt on the Furniture

Salt is also a perfect way to prevent termite infestations. Nevertheless, you must understand that this option only works if there are only small infestation patches. Additionally, you can mix salt and warm water, fill the mixture in a syringe and inject it into the infected furniture. It controls the infestation.

11. Fix Leaks in the Home

You should also pay close attention to any leaks or decay in the home, which works perfectly as a host for termites. If the roofs are decayed or have moisture, you may have to carry out some inspections and have them fixed as soon as possible. This leaves no room for leaks in the premises.


Eliminating termites from your home protects your wooden furniture. By calling in experts such as Excel Pest Services, you can protect all your assets in the home from termites. With their experience and knowledge in the pest control field, they will use the right methods, chemicals, and equipment to ensure that you lead a pest-free life.

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