How To Connect Two Routers Properly?

One of the ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal strength and connectivity, creating more convergence and access points while having a pre-occupied network. Firstly, one needs to know about why combining routers on a single network is required and how it boosts your connectivity and provides you with more range of signal strength. 

There are many instances when your signal strength is not sufficient or is of low capacity, which troubles the user while sitting at a far distance from the router. It is a common problem that people face and due to which, connectivity issues also occur. As during these times, Work from home culture is more promoted, and again, the online classes, connectivity is of great importance. 

Sometimes, one router is not sufficient to provide high-quality Wi-Fi coverage, that is it is not able to provide users with more area under signal strength. Even in certain conditions, the Router doesn’t have an adequate number of ports required for the devices. These are a few reasons or problems why multiple routers are needed, mostly in buildings, large houses, offices, etc. 

There are several ways of doing it that we are about to discuss in this article: 

1. Connecting Two or more routers with a cable.

2. Connecting via Wi-Fi

Precisely, discussing first on how to connect via Wi-Fi as it is a more often used process and comfortable at the same time. Here the WDS, which is a bridge connection system, is generally used. Even sometimes, the repeater mode is also being taken for fulfilling the bridge between the routers. 

Nothing much of the difference between the two, it is only varying between the manufacturers and what system they have allotted to their routers. Both processes have almost similar steps. 

Before reading the steps for the setup of the second router that will be connected via cable or Wi-Fi, note that the main router that you initially have should be connected to the internet and have a fully-fledged Wi-Fi broadcasting connectivity. 

How To Install The Second Router And Make A Connection Between The Two Routers?

As told earlier, the more preferred way is making a connection with the help of Wi-Fi as via cables, the process is not very convenient. As sometimes you might have to make space for wires, make suitable arrangements for them as they do not lie. However, via cables, the signals are more stable and reliable. 

So, please confirm that you have already configured the setting of the first Wi-Fi that you initially have. Internet connectivity should be fair and stable. 

Some necessary changes that you have to make in the router one settings so that the wireless network remains static in place of automatic. You can easily change the channel in the routers configurations set.

A channel block will be appearing on the screen. Mention static in the field and save the settings. By this, you are complete with router one settings and now let us get to the other routers setting. 

This is the router that will be running in the WDS mode to boost the speed and strength of your Wi-Fi. Login to your router panel with Now go to the router settings where you have to change the IP of the router 2. This is done to sustain a stable connection. And neglect the situation of having a similar IP address of two devices running on the same network. 

For instance, router 1 has an IP address like, then to avoid the conflict between the two routers change the IP of router 2 to You can do this in the LAN tab or Network tab. Remember to save all these changes. 

It is essential to do so as you will have to have both routers in one subnetwork, so just change the last digit of your IP to avoid any disruption. Revisit settings of router two with the modified IP address as you have mentioned in the above step. 

Next, go the block with wireless/LAN basic settings. Here you will have to specify the for your other wireless network with which you are going to make a bridge. You will also find the field with specifics of Channel. Remember to give the exact data that you have specified with router 1. 

Below you will have the checkbox to enable WDS, click it, and run the scan. Select the network from the various systems appearing in the list. Choose the network from which you will be receiving connectivity. As similar to connecting with Wi-Fi. 

Then connect with the network and set the password in the field that appeared on your screen now. Then Save all the settings and reboot the router. Then when you check the status of your router 2, you will notice the WDS status enabled on the status tab. 

• For connecting with cables, you get a LAN cable and connect both the routers. It is also easy to set up. Here you have two options to connect. 

1. LAN/LAN connection

2. LAN/WAN connection

Note: The DHCP server should be disabled to have a proper connection and also, the router should have its local IP address in the subnetwork where your router 1 belongs, similar like we did in the above method.

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