Things To Expect When You Rent A Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens, also known as commissaries, are facilities rented to foodservice businesses or providers. These businesses use the kitchens to prepare and store food. Most of the time, rental or commercial kitchens are used by owners, bakers, and independent chefs, among others. Food truck owners also commonly rent kitchen spaces because most cities do not allow chefs to cook on mobile trucks because of its dangers.

However, these elements differ from one state or city to the next. Renting kitchen spaces allows chefs to create meals safely. It also provides a cost-efficient option for business owners and chefs. There are several kitchen rental spaces in the market currently. Below are some things to expect when renting a commercial kitchen;

Access to industrial-grade equipment

One of the most significant things you can expect when hiring a commercial kitchen is access to industrial-grade kitchen equipment. This equipment will allow you to prepare meals that satisfy specific standards. The equipment usually comes as part of the rental package. However, note that some renters do not offer the necessary appliances.

The wise thing would be to avoid such renters because if you are looking to reduce your operation and convenience costs. You can expect appliances like cookers, fridges, and dustbins, among others.

The commercial kitchen should also offer quality. When running a business, quality is one of the most important elements. First-time clients can become return clients depending on the quality of the services and goods you offer.

In the foodservice industry, the quality of food depends on the chef’s skills and the quality of its appliances. Therefore, great commercial kitchens should quality equipment. The equipment should be built-in and certified for commercial use. This means that you will not have to worry about meeting regulations.

License and Insurance

Another element you should expect when renting a commercial kitchen is licensing and insurance. Starting or expanding a business is already very challenging. The amount of money and work involved can be overwhelming. The last thing you want is to start dealing with legal issues, which could take a lot of time and money.

These issues could keep you from operating for longer than you wish. You cannot ignore such issues because you could end up on the wrong side of the law. Therefore, you need to make sure you rent a kitchen that offers licensing and insurance.

Insurance is very important because kitchens are prone to a lot of accidents. Kitchen accidents are hard to predict as they can happen at any time. The most common kitchen accident is fire. When such an accident occurs, it can take down the entire facility and all the equipment in your kitchen. Recovering from such a tragedy would cost a lot of money and time. Therefore, you need to make sure you have insurance that would cover these issues.


Another element you should expect when renting a commercial kitchen is space. One of the main reasons business owners rent kitchens is to increase their space or expand their business. Therefore, when renting a kitchen, you should expect a facility with adequate space. Space should be enough to accommodate all the appliances you need in your kitchen and your staff.

You must consider the amount of space you need for your staff to move around safely. The kitchen facility should also offer adequate space for storage.

Cost efficiency

Establishing a food business is usually very expensive. When you rent a kitchen, you can also expect to save money in the process. For instance, you do not have to spend money to purchase new kitchen equipment because the facilities offer such tools.

You also do not have to spend money on maintenance since your landlord or renting company has to take care of such issues. This means that you also do not have to cater for the maintenance of the appliances.

With a rental kitchen, you can also start working as soon as you want because you will not have to spend time getting appliances and preparing the space for work. By doing so, you can save time and money. In simpler terms, you do not have to spend money dealing with the responsibilities associated with owning and running a kitchen independently. Therefore, before you sign the official rental agreement, you need to make sure you analyze how much money you can save from renting the commercial kitchen.

Better efficiency and productivity

With a commercial kitchen, you can expect improved efficiency and productivity. These kitchens are usually designed to allow for food preparation. This means that these facilities provide smooth workflows and commercial spaces to enhance your productivity. Therefore, when you rent a commercial kitchen, you can expect better efficiency and productivity.


There are several sources from where you can get commercial rental kitchens like Occupyd. When choosing the best kitchen space to rent, you need to consider what it has to offer. Therefore, the list above should come in handy.

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