How to Adjust Time on a Fitbit?

Sophisticated technology brings its challenges along with it. The same can go with your Fitbit device too in undesired circumstances. Changing Fitbit time is not something you may need on every other day, but there are instances when you may need to modify your time settings on your Fitbit device.

Usually, Fitbit devices are consistent in its working – no matter what if you’ve switched between the time zone – but that doesn’t mean that the settings are always precise.

Sometimes, your Fitbit device may show up with wrong timings due to syncing issues. However, you can always go for manual alterations and change the settings. Follow the given steps to know how to set or reset time on Fitbit device easily.

How to change the time on a Fitbit device?

Since a Fitbit device gets paired to your phone, your location and time get regularly monitored. But in some cases, you may need to alter the settings which require you to know how to adjust time on fitbit if the settings are not desirable. 

  • Sometimes these timing differences happen due to failed syncing in Fitbit devices. It usually happens with users who do not go for all-day sync settings. It creates a loop for your Fitbit device with your phone’s time in the background. To avoid this situation and set time on fitbit device, make sure that your Fitbit stays well connected to your iOS or Android device.
  • Sync your Fitbit manually by adjusting the app dashboard or turning on the settings for all-day-sync in the settings section. 

If your Fitbit device is still showing the wrong time, you can try to manually change the time by changing the time settings in Fitbit app and sync with your tracker by moving to the main app dashboard.

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