An Essential Guide to Understanding Paypal Goods and Services Payments

Paypal is one if not the most used online payment system in the US. It’s a safe, secure, and no-frills way of making online payments for anything you want. The signing up process is entirely free and super simple, which means anyone can create their own Paypal account. 

Using Paypal for payments

PayPal payments can be broadly categorized into “Family and friends PayPal (F&F)” and “Goods and services PayPal (G&S).” It is recommended that one use the G&S method for purchases, sales, and trades since it is most secure.

Family and Friends Paypal

As the name suggests, Friends and Family (F&F) PayPal is meant for making payments to those you know in person. Make sure you use it only for the purpose mentioned and not for trading because this method doesn’t come with a guarantee that your money will be returned.

Many online sellers will try to exploit this to avoid PayPal goods and services fees. If it is exceptionally urgent or essential, ask the seller to include the charge in the buying price.

However, remain cautious as it is common for sellers to scam you by asking payment through F&F. 

Goods and Services Paypal

The Goods and Services Paypal is explicitly meant for payments to online sellers. There is a fee attached to payments made through this method, which is why sellers can often try to convince you to make payments through F&F. But be wary as that is a sign of a scammer.

But sellers may join that fee to the price at which you’re buying, which is standard practice. The main incentive for using Paypal goods and services is that it offers buyer protection, meaning that if you’ve been sent the wrong item or scammed by the seller, you get back the amount you paid, which includes the cost as well the shipping amount.

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