How Important Is The Logbook Service For Your Vehicle?

Are you wondering why people make a lot of fuss about logbook service?  Is it that very important for your vehicle? Let us figure out in this article the significant importance of the same .

People are generally more excited while buying a new car. They conduct  tons of reviews to analyze the best cars with the best price. However, after buying the car they don’t realize the importance of regular service. They often think that since the vehicle is new, it won’t require servicing and will not encounter problems and expect to run smoothly. Along with buying a new car, there is an accountability to take care in order to make sure that the eminence and smooth condition is preserved for many more years.

Apparently, when proper car maintenance is not done for the initial 2 to 3 years there is a probability that it will affect the durability and longevity of the vehicle.

Importance Of Logbook Service

Logbook Service

A log book service is performed every 10,000 km’s to examine whether your vehicle remains in the same condition as intended by the manufacturer. It involves complete and thorough safety check and replacements if required.

What Value Does Logbook Service Adds To The Vehicle?

Regular car servicing brings with it benefits to the car, not only it ensures that the car is in a good condition but at the same time, it also enhances the longevity and performance of the car.


When you regularly adhere to the guidelines of the logbook services, you are making certain that your warranty remains intact. For instance, when you encounter some problem with the vehicle besides doing all the maintenance as mentioned in the service book, then obviously, all the repairs and service will be covered by the warranty. Moreover, it is not essential that you have to do the servicing with your dealer, instead, according to Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, it states that your warranty will remain intact provided that the servicing is done by a qualified technician with the appropriate quality parts.

Resale value

When you are looking for big resale value for your vehicle, having a log book servicing completed is necessary. Generally, car owners when posting an ad for sale, the customers who want to purchase the vehicle make it a point to check the logbook summary to determine whether all the services has been carried out periodically. As a matter of fact, this increases the value of the vehicle because logbook serves as the history of your car.


Your logbook certificate indicates a proof that you are the registered owner of your vehicle. It provides the necessary information about the registration and the taxes (insurance) paid to the vehicle.  Perhaps, the logbook service is the ultimate evidence that the car owner has kept up periodic maintenance and repair and provides sound information to buyers of second-hand cars.


Logbook Service

Logbook service reminds the car owner to get the vehicle serviced as per the specifications that the car manufacturer has set. Some of the typical benefits include:

  • People generally don’t wish to spend substantial money in servicing. Apparently, logbook servicing is mostly free. So you can take advantage of this aspect and save considerable money spent on car services
  • Logbook services are generally carried out by authorized centers, so your vehicles can get good quality service.
  • One of the vital benefits of this servicing is that it helps  the vehicle owner to get good value for their car.

Bottom Line

It is clearly evident that having a logbook service is a wonderful way to maintain the performance of your vehicle!

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