Spring is knocking at the door – Tips for cleaning up your yard and garden

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the toads croaking, the flowers blossoming, and the people smiling. No, this isn’t a scene from a fairytale or storybook, it’s the wonderful time of spring. Everything suddenly seems much brighter and happier, as life grows anew, filling your lungs with fresh air, and your heart with hope. Your garden and yard are the main actors in spring’s play of life, and it’s time for their close-up. To bring them to their full shine, you’ll need a foolproof plan.

Be our guest, put your tools to the test

tools need a checkup

A matter of fact is, your tools have spent the entire winter locked up in the shed. They haven’t got their regular workout in months. Before you use them, it’s important to test them out. See if your gloves are still whole and sturdy if your boots are still waterproof, and if your shears are still sharp. All the other tools need a checkup, too. If they’re too rusty or too old to function, you should consider replacing them.

Now that you’ve got your pick of working tools, let’s see how we can help them function better. First off, clean everything as thoroughly as you can. Secondly, devote attention to the specific needs of the tools. In other words, oil the things that need oiling, sharpen those which need sharpening and tighten every bolt. Finally, it’s time to visit the hardware store to replace all the tools you lost to the winter season.

Investing in future meals


Spring is the ideal time to start cooking….well, planting. A vegetable garden is most likely to prosper if you start seeding the veggies in this period of the year. Think of this as an investment in future lunches and dinners. Vegetables should have their own little patch of soil so they have room to grow.

This separate patch can be divided from the rest of your garden by a cute little fence. This way, you’ll get to play with the aesthetic factors of your garden and have a beautiful veggie garden as well as a gorgeous flower collection. Ideally, you should set your veggies far apart so you don’t create a warm and inviting environment for pests, safe from the wind.

Squeaky clean from top to bottom

garden tools
garden tools on grass and wood table with various types of plants

It’s easy to clean yard and garden, but what about those important places you can’t reach? Are they less important because no one can really see they’re dirty? Your roof would disagree. After all, it is the one thing keeping your home safe from outside influences. Proper maintenance and cleaning are necessary, especially after the long and cold winter months. Otherwise, you may have a leak on your hands.

This is true for your garden shed as well. You don’t want your equipment to get ruined no less than you want water damage in your home. Still, maintain a roof by yourself may be dangerous. Do what smart and responsible Aussies do in this case- hire roof cleaning Central Coast based services. If you live in that area, you’ll have no problem with a damaged roof, as professionals will take care of the issue for you. If you don’t try finding a trustworthy professional who offers those services.

A hairdresser’s appointment for your trees and shrubs

Gardener Trimming Plants
Gardener Trimming Plants. Topiary Work. Passion For Plants Concept Photo.

You aren’t the only one trying out something new this spring. Your trees and shrubs will need a hairdresser’s appointment, too. Of course, in their case, we’re talking about trimming and pruning. Since they were mostly left to themselves the last few months, the branches are bound to have overgrown.

This means you’ll have to sharpen your pruning shears and get to work. Cutaway all the overgrown branches and shape your greenery the way you want to. Tree experts from Deltona do a great job in hairdressing the tress and make sure your backyard looks nice and clean. This will help your trees and shrubs grow healthy and strong in the next few months. What’s more, it will help them stay manageable and beautiful.


As your flowers dance in the warm wind and the greenery of your yard shines in the sunlight, you’ll be able to take in the beautiful view, knowing you helped make it happen. Pride and joy are the only things you should be feeling right now, as, thanks to you, your garden has never looked better. It’s bound to reward you with mesmerizing colors and scents that your whole family will be able to revel in this season.

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