The 7 hottest Travel Destinations of 2020

There is something about traveling that excites us. Our quest to expand our knowledge and a desire to visit the natural wonders and celebrate their beauty take us to adventurous destinations.

Today, travelers are visiting new places and trying adventurous things. In the year 2020, a fantastic destination would be the one that can give you a complete lifetime travel experience.

However, if you are still thinking about the best place, here is the list of the 7 hottest travel destinations of 2020 that will surely help you live your wanderlust dream.


Japan in 2020, would be sitting top high in any of the traveler’s Travel Books. With the upcoming Summer Tokyo-2020 Olympics, the International community is predicting Japan to be one of the most visited places this year.

Traveling to Japan would be an unforgettable experience this year as the whole of Tokyo city will be up for the sporting event. There is also the cherry blossom season coming from March-May that will offer an ecstatic experience.


Caribbean’s third-largest continent is also expecting a plethora of visitors each year. Apart from the fact that it’s Bob Marley’s 75th birthday year, there is a multitude of opportunities available to see the spectacular Jamaican sand beaches, tropical rainforest and experience the delight of delicious local cuisine and local culture.

There is also a five day Mocha Fest scheduled to be held in May. It brings the most cheerful and free-spirited adults from around the world. Experience top-notch Hip Hop and Caribbean music with a unique vacation experience. It’s fair to say that Party is on in Jamaica.

Patagonia, Argentina

Patagonia, Argentina

An ardent cosmic and music lover would be surely flying his bags to Patagonia this year. A trip around the December would ensure a spectacular total solar eclipse that would be hitting the northern part of the region. Also, the Geminids, King of the meteor showers, will be showing their presence this year. There is a belief that it will be the best meteor shower with as many as 120 shooting stars flooding the space every hour.

To celebrate the occasion, a music gathering by the name of Global Eclipse Patagonia Gathering -2020 is also scheduled that would make this once in a lifetime experience.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S

If we go by the stats, Airbnb rates Milwaukee, Wisconsin as the world’s hottest traveling destination for the year 2020. As compared to the last year, it saw a 729% increase in its booking.

Milwaukee will see the most major political event Democratic National Convention this year. It’s also home to the world’s largest music festival Summerfest and to some of the world’s best Breweries. Also, in-store is one of the oldest varieties of Grape Wine Muscat Canelli.



The next destination that must take a spot in your bucket list in Panama. Located on the isthmus linking South and Central America, Panama’s capital Panama City offers modern infrastructure alongside modern skyscrapers, casinos, and nightclubs.

There are also coffee farms in its vicinity, making the whole experience surreal.

As for 2020, a Private Island Vacation in Islas Secas is the perfect opportunity for the ones in search of Eco-Gold. The island generates 100% solar energy and contains zero single-use plastic. It’s surrounded by one of the largest coral reefs in the Pacific and visitors will be ecstatic to indulge themselves in watersports along with an opportunity to see beautiful sea creatures.



Egypt saw a decline in tourism after the 2011 Revolution, but the locals, as well as the International community, believe that with the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum in 2020, the tide will again see a shift. Set to make its debut in 2020, The Grand Egyptian Museum will be the most significant archeological museum in the world and will include thousands of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts.

Even though Egypt bags the title of the World’s Fastest-Growing Travel Destination, it is still an underrated one. A trip to Egypt in 2020 will be the best opportunity for you to experience history like never before.


“The Land of Thunder Dragon” may appear as a small kingdom to some, but it ranks high amongst the International Travellers Community. Every year thousands of travelers visit the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan to evade the everyday struggle of Life.

Not many people notice it, but going on a road trip in Bhutan is an amazing experience altogether. You can get yourself a flat roof rack for your car luggage and get all set to travel there.

Bhutan is also known for its philosophy of the Gross National Index which measures the prosperity of citizens by estimating their well being and collective happiness.


Each of the destinations chosen above offers a unique experience and an opportunity for a lifetime to immerse in the foreign culture and tradition. However, what requires on your front is to make sure that you have a sustainable journey that is good for the environment as well as for the local population living in places you visit.

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