Home Improvement Ideas For A Healthy Lifestyle

When we talk about our environment, we always mention about pathetic public transportation, pollution, unethical industrial practice, and negligence of the government.

What if I tell you that we cannot elude taking responsibility for what is upon us? Around 4 million people die prematurely each year due to household pollution (World Health Organization).

Keeping in mind such a huge number, you might want to rethink if you want to play your part and improve your surroundings. Your home should be a safe place to live because it improves our quality of life, and you feel protected and happy.

I would suggest you take things in your own hand and make your home a healthy place to live.

Ten home renovation tips for creating a healthier home environment

Here are some easy home upgrades and tips that you can follow to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

1.     Let morning sunlight come in daily

Opening your windows once a day, let natural sunlight enter your home, which is a good source of vitamin D, improve our mood, and immune system, and kills bacteria. A study by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claimed that fresh air filters out pollutants accumulated in the house that can pose a serious threat to health.

It also maintains the good airflow inside your home, meaning that the polluted air will be replaced by fresh air. Plus, the smell of fresh flowers and leaves s a god reason to let a bit of the outside come in.

2.     Buy an air purifier

Air is essential for survival, just like food and water. The increasing pollution caused by industrialization and traffic jam has lower down the quality of the air we breathe in.

If somebody in your home smokes, you or your little one have respiratory problems, you own an adorable pet, or you live near an industrial area then you need an air purifier. It also saves you from seasonal allergies and improves air quality.

There’s no scientific evidence available that shows if air purifiers offer protection against an airborne virus like Covid-19, but still, it is worth the investment.

3.     Create a mini gym area

Don’t have time to hit the gym? You can stay fit indoors by creating your own home gym so that you don’t cut back on your fitness goals.

Trust me small gym can give you big results. You just need to pick a home location no bigger than a few square meters and transform it into a dedicated area. This is the place that you can design according to your preferences.

You can set up your gym in an area where you spent most of your time like living area, or you can pick a room where you can have a lovely view of the outside.

4.     Install a home sauna

This is the best gift you can give to yourself. Ideally, any room can be used for the indoor sauna. It is a one-time investment but offers numerous health benefits such as increased blood circulation, pain reduction, weight loss, skin revitalization, enhanced immune system and cardiovascular function.

I personally love the sauna bath because it really helps in burning calories. It does it by forcing the body to work harder to regulate body temperature. As a result, our body releases a lot of sweat and heat and your metabolism rate increase.

5.     Enhance your entryways

Your entryway tells a lot about you and people living with you. So make sure that this space in your home appears welcoming and give the right impression.

You have endless opportunities to beautify your entrance as per your taste. There are some other tips to make sure that all the pollution and dirt is stopped from coming in.

  • Remove your shoes when entering the house.
  • Create a seating arrangement at the entryway so that guests take off their shoes before stepping in.
  • Make sure that this space is not cluttered with your personal stuff. It should be spacious enough so that visitors can put their stuff here.

6.     Ban smoking in the living room

If you don’t know about second-hand smoke, then you should know it by now.

According to the American Lung Cancer Association, approximately 7330 people die every year due to second-hand smoke.

It doesn’t matter if you smoke or not, but if anyone in your home is smoking your kids and you are at risk. The smoke of the tobacco, when inhaled by other people, causes serious damage to the lungs. It also affects pregnant women and increases the chances of miscarriage.

7.     Buy some small plant pots

Adding a touch of green plants in the living room, backyard, kitchen, and to your gym provides a sense of freshness. Evidence suggests that indoor plants eliminates common pollutants and are good for mental health.

You can grow your own plants easily. You just need to get the seeds of your favorite plant from the shop and put them in the pot. They are a cheaper alternative to expensive brass pots that you look for decorating your space.

8.     Light your room with candles

I haven’t met anybody who doesn’t like candles. Having them around the house is pure joy. What if I tell you that can make them a healthier choice by picking out which kind to burn.

Usually, cheap scented candles created from petroleum paraffin emit toxic chemicals that can expose you to a number of health issues like cancer, asthma, and allergies. I refer vegetable-based cotton wicked candles made from beeswax and soy and give your space a comfy and glowy look.

Place them in your bathroom or light them up on special moments with your partner. You’ll never regret this investment.

9.     Ditch your phone before bedtime

According to a study by assignment help UK, using a mobile phone at bed restrains melatonin production, an important hormone that controls our sleep-wake cycle.

This means using your smartphone at the end of the day is certainly not a good idea. On the flip side, ensure that you buy a good quality mattress, have a healthy sleep posture, and distribute your body weight evenly to improve sleep quality.

10.   Diffuse essential oils throughout your home

Knowing how to relax while being at home is necessary for your overall well-being. Buying an essential oil diffuser is a good decision. It helps to elevate our mood and reduce unpleasant odors.

The frankincense essential oil is known to be a great stress reliever and comes with an aromatic woody scent. If you are looking especially for something that reduces your stress, then lavender oil is another best option.

The bottom line

All in all, home improvement ideas are not difficult to implement and expensive as we think. Anything is possible when you are committed to the goal of achieving a healthy environment and lifestyle for yourself and your kids.

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