GST Software Checklist: All You Need to Know

When choosing a GST software for your business, be sure to read the setup instructions thoroughly. The software should have a checklist of what needs to be done during setup to make sure you get the right results.

Also, make sure to consult an expert advisor for guidance. If you are unsure of what you need, try using an online GST software comparison tool.

GST was introduced in India with the motive of One Nation One Tax. GST has not only subsumed all the indirect taxes, as a result, the efficiency of the enterprises has also increased. But under GST an enterprise compliance procedure for the enterprises has also increased. So, to comply with the provisions of GST, an enterprise needs the right software.

GST Software

Why do enterprises need GST Software?

There are different problems that are faced by the enterprises with day-to-day GST compliances;

Reconciliation of input and outward supply of goods

This is a very basic feature that is missing on the GST common portal, as to claim 100% input tax credit or ITC. Determining of ITC is a crucial step as a mismatch of any details can cause the change in input tax credit availed by an enterprise.

Business Management

On the GST portal, an enterprise has to remember the multiple Login ids and passwords, where an enterprise has various verticals in different states.

GST Compliant Invoices

Creating and generating GST compliant invoices is another big hurdle that is faced by an enterprise. As every GST Invoice should have a proper bifurcation of GST taxes imposed such as CGST & SGST/UTGTS or IGST as well as item details along with their HSN or SAC codes.

Bulk invoice view, reject or delete

GST common portal is incapable of loading more than 500 invoices, so to delete, reject or view invoices at once. An enterprise needs right GST software to sort out this problem.

GST software checklist

Like every person, every business unit is different from others. The right GST software will have all the features to meet the entire GST compliance requirement that an enterprise have to comply with. There are some basic features that an enterprise should check and they can be:


GST software must reconcile the details of inward and outward supply to claim 100% ITC.

Business Management

Through GST software an enterprise should be able to handle all business and business unit using a single login.

Create Invoice

The right GST software will help enterprises to create GST compliant invoice easily.

User Management

An enterprise should be able to manage multiple users of the business unit using the GST software.

Supplier and Customer Directory

An enterprise should be able to add all their suppliers’ and customer’s details like GSTIN, Business Name, Contact No, E-mail, Name, Address etc., to save time and human hours.

Further, while choosing the GST software for your enterprise you should cross verify if the GST software is easily integrating with your existing ERP and Accounting Solution. In addition to this, you should also focus that they have better after sales customer support system so as to sort out any query quickly, in case you have one.

Types of GST Solutions

Any enterprise can make their GST compliance hassle-free by opting any of the solutions developed by the GST Suvidha Provider.

  1. APIs are for enterprises building their own solution that helps them to directly connect with GST servers and for the seamless flow of data.
  2. Managed service solutions are for enterprises looking to outsource entire GST compliances.
  3. Stand-alone application such as autoTax GST software, is developed for enterprises looking for an application that integrates with their existing ERP or Accounting Software.

Final Verdict

With the onset of GST in India, the enterprises have to comply with various GST provisions. This means that there are regular filings of GST Returns either annual or monthly/quarterly.

All the GST related activities can cause a big hurdle, as missing out any GST provision can levy heavy penalties on the enterprise. However, with the right GST software, an enterprise can manage and take good care of GST compliances.

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