Gorgeous Bridal Makeup Trends in 2019

As the big day is slowly around the corner, every single aspect of the planning, outlook, and accessory has to be done in detail and perfection. And we all know that the bride is the one who needs to look her utmost best and meticulous. Alongside already selecting a wonderful bridal gown, decoration, venue, and other “musts” for the wedding, choosing the makeup that will celebrate her beauty and this special day is also important, if not on the top of the list.

Even if some common makeup styles suit you better, on your wedding day the makeup needs to be top-notch. In 2019 get prepared for some outstanding bridal makeup trends and read on to find out what they are.

Statement glow

If you have a fair complexion and light hair color, you certainly don’t want your makeup to over-exaggerate with your makeup with some dark colors. This year the trend suggests focusing on your lips and cheeks. Lip gloss is back and popping in 2019. All lovers of no makeup look and that natural and nude flair will undoubtedly love this characteristic glow.

Basically, applying a soft but glowing bronzer and sheer pink satin or matte finisher will look absolutely gorgeous for all lovers of this naturalistic trend. When it comes to lips, colors range from soft pink to various earthy colors.

Statement glow

Contour your look

Natural beauty look is still one of the most common options for most Australian brides. What is more, many ladies who opt to get married in the stunning Sydney weather want their makeup to signal freshness and smoothness. Going for a natural look is welcomed, but you can always add greater perfection to your bridal look. One way to do that is to shape up your brows and make them lusher, and defined in order to get that flawless and contour look. For that reason, you had better schedule your brows microblading in Sydney treatment in time and have superb brows ready for your wedding.

Highlight your eyes

Besides giving your brows a new look, beauty trends in 2019 suggest highlighting your eyes. There are many ways to do this without looking too sexy or too pushy like on a Saturday night out. You can break out the felt tip for your wedding day by making a winged liner and make a classy cat eye look with black eyeliner. Add spark by attaching false lashes and apply a sparky, light pink eye shadow and accompany it with similar colored blush and highlighter for extra light. If you are feeling a little bit bold, you can apply a darker eye shadow on the edges of your eye, like black or dark brown, and put the entire focus of your makeup on your eyes.

Bridal Makeup Trends

A pulsating lipstick

There is an everlasting rule that the lipstick you are going to wear on your wedding day should reflect your personality. Not only your personality, but the lipstick should match your wedding dress, your statement style, and suit the entire wedding mood as well. In 2019 a glossy finish over satin and matte will be the top-notch trend when it comes to lipsticks. The color is merely your individual choice, however, a dip pink lip and rocking red will send an adventurous message of your whole look, and of course, the brownish glossy nude will display the magical hue.

Be courageous

From flattering plum and blackcurrant stains to seductive black cherry, these bold lip colors accompanied by deep and rich eyeshadow will make every adventurous bride stand out from the crowd. If you are a person with a vivacious character, why go for plain and simple when you can express your character easily with your makeup? Even though it is advisable to either emphasize your eyes or your lips for the bridal look, much high fashion makeup artists have reported that in 2019 you can combine the two. Go for high drama and attach false lashed with silver smokey eye makeup and apply burgundy lipstick. Sparky eyes and berry lips pair up impeccably.

Golden hues

Golden hues

This year luminous complexion will be blinding us. And the focus doesn’t lie only on the cheekbones, but the glow should be present all over the skin. Think shimmery all the way from the moisturizer to the blush. Go for a golden highlighter which makeup artists say is ideal for spring and summer weddings. Even rose gold flushed cheek color will give you a romantic and timeless look. By applying golden hues you will be pinpointing the natural flair of your skin color.

The makeup you wear on your special day will totally upscale your gorgeous look only if you put a smile on your face and keep your spirit uplifted.

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