GGServers: Best Gaming Server for Minecraft

GGServers is a gaming server provider for Minecraft and for other popular games. It has a great infrastructure in 9 locations in the whole world, and you can play your favorite online game by using the GGServers hosting as a harddrive.

Server Locations Of GGServers

GGServers has clients from more than 190 countries, So it distributed its servers into 9 locations. You have the option to select any locations from the world.

The Server locations of GGServers are in Montreal-Canada, Roubaix-France, Sydney-Australia, Hillsboro-Oregon-USA, Vint-Hill-Virginia-USA, London-UK, Frankfurt-Germany, Helsinki-Finland, and Singapore. 

Need Of GGServers For Minecraft

While playing Minecraft, we have to create a virtual game room for our friends or we can create a new virtual room where an unlimited number of players can join. This consumes a huge amount of RAM to function properly.

Playing Minecraft with a little RAM can slow down your system, and the whole system can be heated or there is a chance of a crash. So, to overcome these problems we have to outsource all the data and space requirements from a reputed gaming service provider.

Why Do You Need A Domain In Minecraft?

Now, there are hundreds of gaming service providers, But GGServers established itself with a reliable, fast, and affordable that is unparalleled with other gaming server provider companies. 

In Minecraft, you have the option to create a new world with your design, in which modifications can be frequently done. Here you can also join with your friends. It means you need a separate world where you are the king of these lands. Then you have to take a domain name of your world, where you can host all the data and work in one place. This can save you from the outside world. 

Here in GGServers, you have all the facilities to choose a new domain for your Minecraft world and to save all your hard work in one place.

Advantages of Using GGServers 

Minecraft Hosting

The hosting of Minecraft is divided into various packages. At first, all the packages are divided into two categories: the first is standard and the second one is premium. Let’s see the standard one.

Stone: In the stone pack, you will get 12 player slots and 1024 MB Ram. Charge:- only 3 dollars per month

Coal: In the Coal pack, you will get 24 player slots and 2048 MB RAM. Charge:-only 6 dollars per month

Iron: In the Iron pack, you will get 36 player slots and 3072 MB RAM. Charge:-only 9 dollars per month.

The last one is Emerald, where you will get 144 player slots in 36 dollars for one month. In the standard and premium version, you have 12288 MB RAM. In between Emerald and Iron, many other packs are available..

Hytale Hosting

The GGServers also provide Hytale Hosting at an affordable price.

Different Game servers

7 days to die, ARK, ARMA3, Days of Defeat: Source, Hurt world, Conan Exiles, Left 4 dead and many more game servers are available at only 0.50$ per slot.

Web Hosting

In GGServer you can get affordable web hosting. These are all secure and powerful. 

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