6 Reasons Experience is Key When Choosing a Domestic Assault Lawyer

Being accused of domestic assault in Canada is a serious matter. Once it’s reported, the Crown Attorney’s office will never acknowledge domestic assault as a “misunderstanding”, won’t allow the victim to withdraw charges, and they won’t drop charges either. Also, if the police consider the situation they have been called to as domestic assault, they must make an arrest. Those proven to be guilty will face life-changing penalties, such as restraining orders, probation, criminal record, jail time, community service, counseling, and surrender of firearms. 

In the case you were charged, or if you are the victim, it’s crucial to hire a domestic assault lawyer as soon as possible, as a lawyer’s experience will affect the result of your case directly. Hiring a lawyer with extensive experience advocating domestic assault charges will assure they have the skills, background, and knowledge to defend you effectively. 

Here are 6 reasons why experience is key when choosing a domestic assault lawyer for you.

1. They have a vast knowledge of legal procedures

When a lawyer has many years of experience, they will be able to foresee how a case will go. They understand the law and any legal arguments the prosecution might use against you. Experienced domestic assault lawyers will also know what legal arguments to use for a practically bulletproof defense, as they have been there before. 

2. They will be able to protect you in bail hearings

The accused is always held for a bail hearing in a domestic assault case. The prosecution will try to weaken the bail by including conditions to contact the victim, where to live, or even hold the accused in jail before their trial. An experienced domestic assault lawyer can make sure you won’t have to face harsh conditions and are released before trial while you are held for a bail hearing.

3. They will be good at negotiating your case in court

An experienced lawyer will know how to speak persuasively on your behalf. They will not only be able to defend you in court, but also in the pre-trial discussions. This is an opportunity your lawyer will have to speak to a Crown Attorney before your trial. Knowing how to communicate effectively in both settings will raise the odds of you winning the case significantly. 

4. They will be able to build a strong defense and prepare appropriately for your trial

Thorough research and preparation for your case is necessary before a domestic assault trial. A lawyer with experience will spare no effort to build the best defense for you. They will go through witness statements and the police disclosure, analyze evidence, and include any precedents to assure your best defense.

5. They will have a lot of court experience

Having experience in court is a huge asset for a lawyer. This guarantees that with some research, you can get a lawyer known in the court system as someone who doesn’t give up and the prosecution is cautious  with. The reputation of your domestic assault lawyer can make a big difference in winning your case. 

6. They will have a network in the legal community

A domestic assault lawyer with a well-established network in the legal community will make your case run a lot smoother. Lawyers with years of experience usually have longtime relationships with court staff, prosecutors, and judges. These relationships aid experienced lawyers to navigate the legal system with ease and attain the best result for their clients. This is particularly favorable when presenting a case in court or negotiating plea deals.

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