8 Traits You Should Look for in a Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, it’s imperative you hire a criminal lawyer that’s right for you.  Entering the criminal justice system is a life-changing experience. You will face a lot of intense emotions, like fear, anxiety, and even depression. Having the correct people by your side through the process will go a long way. Remember you are not only looking for someone to defend you, but also someone to understand you. Here are 8 traits to help you choose a criminal lawyer:

1. Qualifications

A criminal lawyer should have gone to law school for three years, passed a provincial bar exam, and specialized in criminal law. This means they will master criminal procedure, legal research and writing. You are encouraged to ask your lawyer where they went to school, what the specialized in and what is there are of expertise. 

2. Experience

A good way to know if a lawyer is good for your case is to research if they have experience in criminal defense. Before hiring a lawyer, you can ask them if they have experience with cases like yours. If they can tell you about a case with similar circumstances, the strategy they used, and getting a positive result, you are in good hands. 

3. Recommendations

Former clients of lawyers who were satisfied with the results they got will not hesitate to recommend them. When you contact these lawyers, ask them about the former clients that recommended them to you and their case. It’s also a good idea to search for reviews of these lawyers online. Look for mostly good reviews.

4. Open About Fees

It’s very important to consider the most affordable lawyer might not be the right fit for you. It’s key to go for the best lawyer for your case, one that guarantees the best outcome and at the same time gets along with you splendidly. It’s important to get quotes from at least three lawyers to compare their prices and experience so you get the best value for your money. 

5. Good Network

A good criminal lawyer Mississauga will have established connections with defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges after years of being involved with the community. This will help your case run smoothly as your lawyer will know who to contact when they need information or when they need something done quickly.

6. Strong Communication Skills

It’s important to choose a criminal lawyer who communicates well. This goes for both negotiating the best outcome for your case as well communicating with you about it. It’s important that the lawyer you choose can explain complicated legal terms, as well as answering quickly to your emails or texts. Also make sure to know if you’ll be communicating not only with your lawyer, but also with their team. You might want to meet these people before hiring your lawyer. 

7. Ethics

It’s important that the lawyer you hire is straightforward about the result of your case. It is true that having absolute certainty of how it will go is impossible, but they should have an idea of how the case will turn out. Be wary of lawyers you feel are being dishonest with you. Trust is extremely important in this process. 

8. Won’t Give Up

You should choose a criminal lawyer that is persistent. Sometimes cases aren’t easy and constant research will be necessary. Your criminal lawyer should be extremely thorough when going over documents and interviewing witnesses. Your lawyer should leave no stone unturned and do whatever is necessary to win your case.

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