Most Popular Wedding Symbols and Traditions

As you look for the right wedding catering service for your special day with a loved one, it might be great to take a look at the most popular wedding symbols and traditions. By looking at them, planning the special event will become so much more organized. From special occasions to everyday use of teal table runner add a pop of color and a touch of class to any table.

Tossing the Bouquet

During the wedding reception, there will be a time when the bride tosses the bouquet and all of the single female guests will huddle together and compete in who gets it first. This tradition, while strange-looking in the surface, is meant to bring good fortune to the one who catches it.

Good fortune for her love life particularly. The lucky girl who catches the flowers will usually be the fastest to get a finance and be the first one to get married.


The rings exchanged by husband and wife has a deep meaning. As a symbol, it is supposed to represent the never-ending commitment the couple has decided to promise each other. No matter their health or wealth status, both promise to never leave each other side.

As the pair gives each other rings, they speak to one another their written vows and this action adds greater weight to their wedding rings. Vows represent how they will put their commitment into practical actions.

White Doves

At the end of the wedding ceremony, white doves are typically released by the bride and the groom. This is done because the birds symbolize the values needed in every marriage; purity, love, peace, and happiness. Additionally, their release into the sky shows that the couple has fully left their families and as a result, plan on forming their own.

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes, with at least 3 layers, are a necessity in every reception. It is always covered in fondant, elegantly decorated, and eaten at the end of everything. This dessert is a tradition not because of its taste or crowd appeal, but rather its importance to the married couple.

When the couple cut the cake, it is meant to be the first activity the pair do together as a married couple. On the other hand, feeding each a piece of the dessert represents their commitment and affection to one another.


The wedding veil symbolizes two meanings. One, the color white was meant to represent purity, innocence, and submissiveness. Two, it meant that the woman was going to be given away by the father to the son. Once, the husband opens the veil, it meant the wife belonged to him now.

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is probably every guest’s favorite part of the whole ceremony. It is filled with fun activities, performances, and great buffet-style food. It has become a tradition for every married couple because it is the activity that brings in the and celebration the ceremony before lacked.

Wedding receptions usually go by these order of events

Introduction of the Newly Weds

The bride and groom only enter the reception area after all of the guests have arrived. When they make an entrance, the DJ or host will announce their relatives and friends, and address as Mr. and Mrs.

Food Buffet

Nowadays, it has become more popular to serve food to your guests by placing the dishes buffet style, instead of waiters serving them one by one. It most likely has to do with the fact that guests want to feel a sense of control over what they eat. By lining up to get their food from the buffet, guests get to choose what dish they want and what amount they want of it.

Couple Blessings

Here, guest take turns to give their blessings to the wedding couple’s marriage. Usually, the maid in honors will take turns to tell their stories with the bride before telling her their wishes. The best men on the other hand, do the same, only with the groom.

Dance and Performances

After the cutting of the cake, the reception ends on a high note through performances and lots of dancing. Here, hired singers belt out tunes with a live band while DJs play club bangers for the guests to jive to. Additionally, some married couples go the extra mile and hire dance teachers who move with each guest fro time to time in the dance floor.

Serving of Alcohol

Alcohol is also served at the end of the wedding, as it is the best time for guests to let loose. Usually, the couple sticks with giving their guests the option to order these alcohols; liquor, vodka, beer, and champagne. If they are willing to spend more, the pair will order an open bar and hire a bartender to make the drinks for the people.

Key Takeaway

A wedding is a special day that has been planned for and acted out for centuries. Thus, it has collected a lot of traditional and symbols that many couples still practice today. By knowing the most popular ones, you are making the most out of the special day you have with your spouse to be.

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