Custom Webpage design Vs Website Template – What’s the right choice?

Each one us of is well-accustomed to the use of the internet for various purposes. We go to the internet to look out for a new product that we just heard of or to communicate with our friends and social circle over social media or else just to gather some information on any given topic.

What remains constant is our interaction with the internet and subsequently website.

Websites are more or like the digital stores selling different products or services and just like any physical store, there are websites that we like and want to communicate, while there are other web page designs that we don’t like and prefer to switch over to next.

But, have you ever wondered the processes that go into making a custom web page design?

Let us just briefly explain the process of web page design.

Custom Webpage design
Custom Webpage design Vs Website Template

To start-off website design and development is a tricky subject for that matter as there are various processes and elements that go into making a custom web page design.

The professionals who build (read code/develop) websites are called web developers. The interesting part is that a web developer will need the services of web designers to complete his task.

Now, web design as a process refers to the complete designing of a website from the scratch and if done correctly with all the right elements balanced in an engaging and interactive way can bring about big rewards for the business.

Now, that’s just one of the method that can be exploited to develop a website and there’s another one.

The other method is to go with a website template. Just like any other industry, there are off-the-shelf website templates easily available over the internet.

These templates follow a “one design fit all” theme and can be tweaked and slightly customized to meet the needs of the individual business model.

So, which one is the best?

Well, there is no best, rather it all depends on various considerations. Each of the two methods come with its own inherent benefits and limitations and here below, we will be discussing the benefits of custom web page design vs website template, so you get some feeling about your business needs.

Benefits of custom web page design:

One of the biggest benefits of a custom web page design is that you can own it totally.

Since it’s been made bottom up, you can be sure of its uniqueness and appeal towards customers (which is quite an important trait in today’s competitive market).

Moreover, since you make it from scratch, you can instill all the personalization that you deem necessary plus scalability to grow as and when you need (you don’t get that sort of liberation with a website template).

Lastly, your website will be search engine friendly, which will help you achieve higher search engine rankings in the future (again a very important feature for today’s market).

Benefits of using website template:

To start-off, website templates are commercially available at affordable prices (custom webpage designs usually comes with a higher price tag).

Moreover, with endless varieties of templates, you get all the color, theme, and niche choices to integrate with your business needs.

Lastly, most of the time this is the best approach for businesses pressed for time and cost (custom website needs a lot of time to be developed).

About the Author: Rock Smith is a digital marketer and SEO specialist at Digital Gravity, A UAE business offering affordable custom webpage design. He has his Masters in Marketing from Iqra University and has a career that spans over a decade in digital marketing. He loves to write about tech shaping the e-commerce industry.

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