Colony Season 4: Will it release or get canceled?

According to the speculations and recent reports, there is no doubt that the USA network has already canceled colony season 4.

Amidst all this, the fans of this series are now looking forward to getting access to it using other platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Although the real reasons behind the wrap up is still a mystery for everyone, still there is a possibility that it has something to do with its continuously declining ratings of the show.

With its three successful seasons and around 2.2 million viewers, it grabbed the position of number one scripted cable series.

The twist began with season 3, as its ratings continuously declined, somehow managing to get only 1.3 million viewers, which is among the lowest average viewerships for dramatic programs on the cable. 

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What are the possible reasons?

What further added to its cancellation of Colony season 4 Netflix by the USA network is that the storyline of this show might lose its focus after its executive producer and co-creators failed to focus on the new series.

Finally, in July 2018 USA network came with an announcement that there would be no “Colony” season 4.

There is also a downside to the story. The season 4 of Colony is quite expensive for the producers to be able to come up with the showdown, which also includes the costly special effects and location shooting, which further added to the budget.

Another speculation is that despite strong critical support, it still has a small audience to support. 


The news of the cancellation of season 4 came as a surprise to many. Although there is nothing final about whether season 4 will be picked up by the production team or not, still, there have been many calls that there are good chances that the series might revive.

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