Can you Freeze the Coffee Creamer?

Every day, different brands are coming up with new coffee creamer flavors and types. This is great news if you love adding some creamer to your coffee but could also be bad news if your favorite coffee creamer is being discontinued.

This is where stockpiling comes in: it will be great to have a few bottles of your current favorite creamer stockpiled just until you can find your new replacement. It is also a great way to enjoy a limited-edition coffee creamer from your favorite brand for a little longer.

Stockpiling doesn’t just mean storing them away into the kitchen. You have to consider ways to preserve them while extending their shelf life so they can last for longer.

Can you freeze coffee creamer?

Yes, you can freeze coffee creamer. But it all depends on the type of coffee creamer you have.

Liquid non-dairy creamers

Liquid non-dairy or dairy-free creamers have become popular for vegetarians and vegans. This is because they are plant-based and do not contain any real dairy products. However, they need to be preserved in order to last longer. Even the best dairy free coffee creamer has

thickeners, oils, added flavor and other additives that help with the preservation. You can totally freeze liquid nondairy creamers to preserve them.

Liquid dairy creamers

Liquid dairy creamers are very popular substitutes of milk, half and half or other dairy products in coffee. However, they are not entirely made out of dairy products. Liquid dairy creamers have a diary product or dairy derivative, emulsifiers, oils and flavors. When compared to dairy-free creamers, they have a shorter shelf life which means you will need to preserve then before they go bad. You can simply do this by freezing the creamer.

Powdered creamers

Powdered creamers, which are mostly non-dairy products, do not need freezing for preservation. This is because they are created to last much longer than the liquid dairy and non-dairy creamers. For this reason, you can store the powdered creamer in your cupboard and use it until its expiration date.

How to freeze coffee creamers

Before we proceed, here are important tips to keep in mind when freezing your creamers

  1. Always label the freezing date on creamer before you place it in your freeze
  2. Make sure you use the frozen creamer within 6 months from the freezing date
  3. Don’t re-freeze the creamer

Freeze it in its original bottle

One easy way to freeze your creamers is in their original bottles. This is especially great for creamers that you did not open yet and do not plan on using for the next few weeks or months.  Make sure to check the expiration date before you freeze the creamer to make sure you will be able to use it before it goes bad. If you freeze a creamer when it’s close to or past the expiration rate, chances are the creamer will go bad quickly.

Use a separate container to freeze your creamer

This method is great if you want to store away half of your creamer. Say you want to use half of your creamer and store the rest away for later. You would have to store them in two separate containers.

A BPA-free plastic or stainless-steel container will come in handy to store liquid creamers. For some creamers, the original bottles are not ideal for the freezer. In this case, you need a larger bottle or container where you can transfer the creamer and work from there.

The ice tray method

This is another great way to freeze your creamers. All you do is por coffee creamer into an ice tray then freeze them. Next, remove them from the ice tray and put them into a freezer bag then throw them back into the freezer. Make sure to date the freezer bag. Freezing them in ice trays gives you a chance to preserve the flavor of the creamer since you’ll only need to thaw the cubes you want to use at that moment.

Final word – can you freeze coffee creamer?

Yea, you can freeze coffee creamer but this method works best if you have a liquid dairy and liquid nondairy creamer.  If done right, the flavor and consistency of your creamer should remain the same. In the freezer, the creamer can last you for about 6 months depending on the brand.

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