Business Digitalization: Opportunities for the Industrial Sector

Industrial companies continue to see growth opportunities in the B2B market as organizations in virtually every sector turn to technology to facilitate the transformation of their processes but also of the marketing and sales areas.

As companies compete for a competitive advantage, they integrate a series of new technologies to be at the forefront, many of which are now more accessible and allow better cost optimization

The digitalization of the company not only allows to open new markets, but it is also creating new ecosystems in all sectors of activity. The internet of things, smart or semi-autonomous cars, smart cities, the rise of social networks and collective knowledge, all thanks to the advance of internet connections that allow greater connectivity between people and in turn you are with the companies.

We have more data than we should know how to take advantage of in a clear, pragmatic and oriented way towards our commercial objectives.

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Currently, the process of business digitalization depends largely on the adoption of technologies in the cloud, and the use of new tools to pay for use. This development of cloud platforms has allowed medium-sized companies to access advanced management functionalities that at other times required large licenses or ad-hoc development projects and were only available for large companies, this easier access for companies the digital tools help to see more product and service solutions for the digitalization of companies.

The challenge for the directors of the industrial sector is that many of the new technologies that are changing the ways of doing business today, require a digital transformation and mix data analysis software, information storage, collaborative work and personal productivity and professional.

Many of the tools currently available are the result of collaboration between organizations from different sectors to achieve solutions that can adapt to different business environments, also allow the interconnection of platforms with each other, so it is usually easier to integrate some solutions with others to improve management, internal messaging tools that integrate with CRMs, CRMs that connect to ERP systems, integrated social media management with marketing and CRM tools, creation of collaborative documents, cloud storage, etc.

Technology Trends

Even considering that all technologies have application in all sectors of activity, there are some industries that have evolved more in some areas of implementation than others. It seems contradictory that companies that invest in robotics to improve their production processes are using tools of the last century to manage communication with their customers.

According to a logo service site, virtual reality and augmented reality, are making an important gap in industrial companies, allow to show models of complex parts or machines as designed by engineers, interact with them almost real, there are industries that are adding augmented reality to their catalogs taking advantage of materials that they already have internally to create interactive catalogs where they can show their industrial parts in three dimensions for example.

The internet of things and artificial intelligence are areas that are approaching everyday life, but in the industry it has already been implemented before although now that all machines can be connected to the internet, new service applications are being developed to improve solutions to customers, increasing control of certain machines or optimizing their performance in real-time. Artificial intelligence will not only improve processes but anticipate possible problems with the development of predictive models. The evolution of these technologies is also creating a new market for more accessible solutions.

The current world is evolving very fast, technology advances faster in recent years than in previous decades, this means a pressure on the digitalization of companies that want to be agile to change but still focused on their products , in some cases the Companies are carrying out strategies to curb their growth, in the face of fear of change.

The new technologies applied to digital transformation allow us to take advantage of the opportunities to position oneself through innovation differentiation, take a step forward to a new, more dynamic, connected and participatory market. The greatest opportunity will be to improve the experience of your customers.

Why is an SEO Strategy Essential For an Industrial Company?

Lately, there is a lot of talk about SEO, either because Google has updated its algorithm or because we are attentive to new search trends and create content about good SEO practices.

On this occasion, instead of talking about optimization techniques, suggestions or trends as we have done before, we will take a step back and explain why an SEO strategy is so important for an industrial company.

Old School-Based Search

Years ago, industrial companies were at the top, getting customers through word of mouth, cold mails, and directories. However, as the years have passed, customers have begun to move and search online, which is an incredible opportunity to generate business if you know how to adapt.

Today’s buyers go to the Internet for information on suppliers and products instead of using commercials.

Increased Competition on the Internet

In the early 2000s, companies rushed to create websites, filled them with keywords, bought links to their page, and crossed their fingers to find them.

Reaching the first page of Google became (and still is), a key priority for industrial marketing teams, although they tend to lag behind other sectors in the B2B field, especially with regard to marketing.


As the Millennial generation graduates from the university and begins to work in companies, these trends in Internet use intensify.

In the Future

The Internet was a big change in the way companies operate. An example of this is pay-per-click advertising, which is quickly becoming an integral part of a complete and successful SEO strategy. As more companies improve their SEO and logo design, there is more competition, so the PPC has become very important to scale to Google’s first search results.

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