Best Roofs For Your Home – Tiles vs Shingles

The roof is a fundamental component of any building. Without a roof, you can imagine what bizarre conditions would befall! Roof functions as a protection against all the external elements of sun, air, rain, and various other conditions. The roof provides structural support to the surrounding walls and the building itself. Across the world, there are multiple types and structures of the roof — roofs made by considering various materials, styles, and patterns are a norm. And different regions have different roof systems.

Depending on the material; roofs built from tiles vs shingles. Tiles and shingles are the most used materials in constructing a roof. They are both durable and attractive that will protect your home. There is a difference between both materials, which accounts for the roof constructed for your home. The following are the individual difference between tiles and shingles to choose from for your home.


The most common type of shingles is asphalt types. Asphalt type shingles cost around $80-$100 per square. A square comprises approximately one hundred square feet. Generally, for renovation or building a roof for a home, the homeowner would need around 13 to 15 squares of shingles. This count could change across various regions. The estimated total cost for an asphalt type shingles roof could go around $1500. This cost is only for the roof and not for the installation and labor charges. Asphalt type shingles are less expensive than tiles roof.

tile roofs

The tile roofs cost between $120 and $250 a square, which is one hundred square feet. Generally, a homeowner of 1,500 square feet roof would require 15 squares. Tile roofs come with variants – Concrete, clay, composite, and stone covered. Clay tiles are most expensive than other variants. The homeowner can expect costs around $10,000 for the whole roof and $1,000 for replacing tiles. This cost is only for the roof and not for the installation and labor charges.


Installation varies in both shingles and tile roofs. Asphalt type shingles are quite easy to install. The tabs are nailed in place and sealed further. Felt underlayment is essential beneath the shingles as long as the roof deck is the right conditions. Installation could cost around $5,000 to $7,000.

Tiles roofs take time to install, and various factors are to check out. As tiles are heavier than shingles, roof reinforcement is checked and made sure they are in decent condition. Tiles roof need an underlayment – all these factors make installation slower and cumbersome. Plus, there are different types of styles and patterns homeowners can choose for their roof.

The estimated installation cost would be $10,000. Homeowners could get their assessment done from the experts such as Roofing Company for costs and installation process. Homeowners can get many styles and patterns for their roofs to give any extra touch for their beautiful homes.

Weather Conditions

In U.S asphalt roofs are most frequently opted as they are proven to be best for any climate. In the cold climatic parts, in-country asphalt shingles can deal with freeze-thaw conditions. In the freeze-thaw regions, composite and metal tiles are beneficial. The homeowner should research and take an opinion on which tile roof is best for the regional weather conditions.

asphalt roofs

In arid and hot climates, the roof can have a short life span due to heat. Asphalt shingles and tiles both can suffer the heat adversely on longevity and material of the roof. To get the best choice for their home, homeowners should inquire about roof types best-suited for their climate.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintenance is important to increase the life span of any roof. In both types of roofs, maintenance is similar. There should be a yearly inspection for a broken tile or shingle. Cleaning off moss should be carefully done as it could damage the roof. Avoid using a pressure washer for either roof type. If the roof is made up of clay tiles, it is important to know to avoid walking on it – as it is fragile and could break apart easily.

A well-maintained tile roof could last between 25 to 100 years. In terms of durability, a tile roof could outlast a shingle roof. Depending on materials used and maintenance of the roofs, clay tile type could last a century.

As for shingles, they can last between 15 to 30 years. That also depends on the different architectural styles and pattern homeowners choose. The thicker asphalt shingle may be durable for many years.


Tiles are made up of many natural materials as clay, stone, and metal. Therefore it is most likely that tiles can be recycled, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Whereas shingles precisely asphalt type are derived from petroleum and hence are not suited as sustainable. Although some asphalt shingles have positive environmental benefits – white shingles are heat reflective and can keep temperature lower, saving energy costs.

Both tile and shingles roof type could be part of your home. Both types have their pros and cons, but homeowners must inquire which is most suitable for their home. It is important to know the weather conditions are ideal for specific roofing material.

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