A Guide On Ways To Effectively Do Mercedes Sprinter Van Service

The Mercedes- Benz Sprinter Van is popular for its enduring capacity, but there are schedules that include Service A and Service B to be followed, for the longevity of the vehicle and to run for a long distance without any problem.

Each part of the vehicle has been designed precisely to yield potential performance, besides certification of the various components for a better guarantee. To assess this, the schedules of Service A and Service B are evaluated.

Mercedes sprinter van service

The Sprinter Service A

One year of ownership marks the first 10,000 miles of usage and after such a use it is time to reach for the schedule of a Mercedes Sprinter Van Service A.

Once the first service is complete, it is followed by appointment for another Service A schedule starting from 10K, 30K, 50K, 70K miles and as such. In these sessions, the repairs and maintenances of Mercedes Sprinter Van Service given below are carried out by certified technicians:

  • Replacement of diesel exhaust fluid;
  • Synthetic motor oil replacement of the Mercedes-Benz;
  • Inspection and correction of the fluid level;
  • Replacement of the oil filter;
  • Inspection of the brake component;
  • Inspection and correction of the tire inflation;
  • Reset of maintenance minder.
sprinter van service

The Sprinter Service B

What follows Service A is Mercedes Sprinter van Service B, which begins after the first 20,000 miles or two years of ownership, depending on what comes first.

The following time, the appointment to a certified centre would start at miles of 40K, or 60, or 80K and so on. Equal treatment is provided with the addition of combination replacement or dust cabin and exchange of brake fluid.

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

As already mentioned, sprinter van runs longer only when timely and routine maintenance is provided to it. To ensure it remains in its prime condition, you need to opt for Mercedes Sprinter Van Service and have a Service A checklist and Service B checklist, besides knowing how to reset the service counter on the Sprinter. The exercise involves:

Resetting the Mercedes Van Sprinter Service Light: The Service Light on your Sprinter needs to be reset after the Service A schedule or the Service B schedule. Resetting the light would lead to the beginning of the counter above10, 000 miles and above.

For this, a dealership to have the work done is not required as it can totally be carried out by following the simple steps in your Mercedes-Benz guidebook. After each maintenance, the service counter light needs to be mandatorily reset. This is to make sure that you are aware of the time of your next service that is approaching, for better longevity.

Knowing when to perform Service A or Service B on the Sprinter: 10,000 is the interval between Service A and Service B which means at 10,000 miles, Service-A needs to be performed. At 20,000 miles, Service B follows. Again at 30,000 miles, Service A comes up followed by Service B at 40,000 miles, and this continues.

Preparing of Schedule Checklist

Service A and Service B

  1. Changing of oil.
  2. Checking the tire pressures
  3. Brake Pads inspection
  4. Changing the air filter of the cabin
  5. Changing the air filters of the engine
  6. Checking fluid levels – the transmission fluid, the brake fluid, the coolant, the fluid of power steering, the fluid serving as a windshield washer, DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid, etc.

A wide range of maintenances is offered when you arrive at the shop in just 90 minutes, which include services like top-offs, brake-inspections, rotations and other important ones you’d need.

For customers who are commercially fleet, the maintenance procedure greatly interferes with the business schedules.

So, one needs to find a dealership that provides Mercedes sprinter van service anywhere and whenever the vehicle is not in use. But, before any experiment, online reviews must be looked upon and conscious choices should be made.

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