7 Ways to Maintain Timber Dining Table

Do you want to buy the furniture that complements your flooring and other interior decors in your home? Have you gone for timber flooring? Then, why not buy timber furniture that is known for good looks, durability and easy maintenance. There are many people who prefer using this type of wood material to design their furniture.

This timber made furniture would add appeal to your home interior and exterior, elevate the décor, and grab the attention of your guests. This is available in a wide variety of patterns, which you can choose as per your requirements, preferences and budget.

The best part of timber is that it looks like natural. Timber is the material that has been in use for building homes and furniture for ages. This is an amazing material that is highly durable, functional and is also malleable.

Tips to Maintain a Timber Dining Table

Have you got a plush timber dining table at your home and noticed that it is losing its sheen? Then the most important thing you need to do is to maintain it properly to retain its color, look and shine. No matter how much you invest in getting the dining table, the look of it depends on how you are maintaining it.

If you are not dusting the table and cleaning it regularly, it is obvious for it to get worn out very soon. If you want to retain the alluring charm of the dining table in your dining room, take proper care of your expensive dining table, since this piece would grab the attention of your guests.

Few of the tips you need to keep in mind to maintain the timber dining table include:

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#1. Dust it properly

The furniture that is shining like new would spark up the room. This also creates a welcoming and wonderful ambience that makes you feel serene. So, after having lunch and dinner on the table, you need to clean it and dust it off. You need to use a cotton cloth that is soft to wipe off the dust from the table. It is recommended to clean the dining table regularly to keep dust and grime at bay.

#2. Do not expose it to sunlight

You need to place a timber dining table at a place where there is little direct exposure to sunlight. When sunlight falls on the dining table made of timber, the color of wood starts to fade. This also results in spotting where you can observe dark and bright spots on the platform. If you have placed this table at a place where there is a lot of sunlight, you should spread a cloth over it to reduce the sunlight effects.

#3. Be careful about the temperature

You should not place extremely cold and hot objects on the timber dining table. This will leave an impression on the table and make it look spotted and uneven. In addition, this also changes the original texture of the surface in no time. Even if you put hot or cold things on the table, you need to remove them quickly to avoid its effects to make an impact. If you want to place hot utensils after cooking, you should place them on the dining table mats.

#4. Choose the wood wisely

There are a few types of wood materials that would look even more graceful as they age. Similar to wine, it would embrace a new character after a few years. Few woods would lighten, while a few wood materials would darken over years. So, when you are buying the timber, you need to make sure that the color of it remains the same forever.

#5. Do not keep sharp objects on the table

The timber dining table is prone to scratches, spills and stubborn stains. So, you should avoid placing sharp objects on the table to keep ugly marks that they leave at bay. The scratches on the table will make your furniture look old. This will take away the entire look of the dining area.

#6. Oil and wax on a regular basis

You need to oil and wax the table on a regular basis to maintain its shiny and glossy look. This waxing would give an extra layer of protection to the table from spills and other damages. This coating will boost the appearance. If you could oil or wax the surface of the table once in three months, the look of the dining table will stay appealing for long.

#7. Use only warm water to clean the table

You should use warm water and mild cleaning solution to wipe off the dust and stains on the table. You should not pour water on the table, since this causes the wood to rot or warp. These are a few tips you need to embrace to maintain your plush timber dining table for a long time.

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