5 Heavy Equipment Needed Before Starting a Construction Business

Founding your own construction business is no walk in the park. Primarily speaking, you need to secure a multitude of things just to get things started—and that doesn’t include the equipment you’ll use throughout your future operations such as road rollers, dozers, and even mobile technical plants.

Once you secure the foundation of your business, however, you can then focus on the equipment that you need to jumpstart, and hopefully, maintain your construction company in the long run!

For starters, here are 5 heavy equipment that you will need to get before starting a construction business!


To fully prepare a construction site, you have to make sure that the ground is clear of any kind of extra debris. Bulldozers are by far the most efficient at cleaning up space and making way for the next piece of equipment to further prepare the site.

Bulldozers, however, can also be used for other things such as to push, carry, and condense any sort of loose material present on the site. Their primary job is to force loose soil, stone, and rocks onto a specific corner of the construction site.

These big machines are easily identifiable by a large metal blade attached to the front. It barely moves and is fairly close to the ground.

Front Loaders

Very similar to bulldozers, front loaders are the machines that are used to scoop up the materials that the bulldozers have set aside. And bring them to more favorable locations. They have a metal bucket in front that has tilting capabilities. This lets it shovel up materials and bring them into a different location.

Most of the time, front loaders are used to deliver material from the construction site away to a different area. However, it’s also used to deliver other materials within the construction site. It’s a material handling machine that is welcome in every construction site.

Dump Trucks

One of the most essential heavy equipment for every construction company is those that deliver materials to and from a construction site—the dump trucks. Be it raw materials or debris from the site, dump trucks will end up delivering it to their desired locations.

Dump trucks are used as the main transport vehicle of every kind of material needed and disregarded in a construction site. Without them, a construction project will move exponentially slower.

Road Rollers

Although somewhat eligible for specific projects only, road rollers are still needed in many construction sites. In most cases, they’re simply used for road construction, but they also do very well in solidifying the foundation of a construction site. Especially if it’s for a high-rise building or a very wide facility.

Cement Mixers

These are basically large trucks that act as an instrument to mix cement. It can accommodate large quantities at a time. These machines keep cement at a semi-liquid state for as long as it keeps spinning. This makes it easy to transport cement to varying kinds of construction sites.

It can mix and produce cement while on the road so that when it reaches the construction site, it can go straight to providing cement where it’s needed.


These are another kind of load that are very similar to normal farm tractors. The difference is that it has a large bucket in front and then a large crane like shovel at the back. The operator seat can swivel so it can face whichever direction it needs to during a job. Bear in mind that the backhoes have limited rotating capabilities but either way their still very versatile. It can even be customizable by installing different add-ons instead of the shovel


Aside from pushing soil aside and transporting them away, you should probably be able to handle excavation jobs through the use of an excavator. These are machines that are capable of performing a variety of jobs through the use of different attachments.

That being said, it’s most common use is to dig within the soil for basements and underground construction and such.

Telehandlers / Forklifts

These are two very important material handling the equipment. Telehandlers are basically the heavy-duty version of the forklift. They use two forks at the front to lift other pieces of equipment, materials, or people to higher elevations.

Bear in mind that forklifts are used mainly in indoor operations as they’re equipped with smaller tires. Telehandlers, however, are equipped with stronger tires, stronger hydraulics, and a more durable frame which enables it to work better in outdoor operations.

Key Takeaway

A construction company can start with just the right kinds of equipment. You don’t need to be complete with the latest and most advanced heavy equipment just to start. All you have to do is have the core, which is the list that we mentioned above. Keep this in mind when you plan on creating your own construction company!

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