Why Australia Should Be in Your Bucket List for Your Perfect Tour Destination

Traveling is not all about spending quiet time outside your native country and far from your tiresome job. To make better use of your vacation, you need to explore the amazing nature that will fulfill your wanderlust, and Australia has all it takes to be the perfect tour destination for any ambitious world traveler.

It is not about the name or its position, but Australia is a guaranteed traveler satisfaction, especially for people interested in surfing. By the end of your holiday, you will want to go back again and again. Here are some of the reasons why you need to add it in your travel bucket list.

1. Australia Has World-Class Cities

Yes, traveling is not all about visiting the beaches and remote areas of a country. A city tour can also give you an impression of what the world is all about. But what is most impressing is visiting the best city on the Earth. Australia gives you more than the “Home away from home” feeling because the experience is unimaginable.

For almost a decade now, Melbourne still leads as the best city one can ever live in across the Earth. Why not try and see life as others have experienced? You will enjoy the peace of mind in the evenings after a long day surfing in the waters.

2. Australia Offers the Best Surfing Experience

Australia Offers the Best Surfing Experience

If you love surfing, then you should think of Australia. According to Wikipedia, Australia is one of the best choice destinations for surfing. You will have an unlimited choice of beaches for your surfing experience. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned surfer, you will enjoy your experience in the region.

Unlike the Northern hemisphere where surfing is mostly during Winter, Australia gives you the best experience during Summer, which is a wonderful time to tour the earth. For example, at Brisbane, the average temperatures are at 20℃ and you will not be freezing at your surf.

With your surfboard on roof racks surfing destination, Bribie Island, should be your first stop. Here, the waves are good for beginner surfers. You can try other surfing locations around Brisbane that are good for experienced surf sporting.

3. See the World’s Mysterious Lake

World’s Mysterious Lake

Lake Hillier is among the world’s lakes that has a strawberry pinkish color. But among all the lakes with the same appearance, only Lake Hillier is still mysterious. Scientists are yet to explain why the water in the lake is in that color. But stunningly enough, the lake is located near a coastline in Middle Island, and the waters in the ocean at the coastline are “normal” color.

Presently, the lake is under protection as a nature reserve. If you have to visit Lake Hillier, you need special admission to the place. But that will not stop you from seeing the wonder. Using an aircraft, you can view the lake from above to get the best imagery of its outline, color, and size when taking a day off from surfing sports.

4. Australia Has Many of Best Beaches in the World

Now I guess I know why more than 85% of the inhabitants of Australia live along the beaches. Australia gives an upper-class experience when it comes to beach life. And the beaches offer plenty of options for surfers. Regardless of the season, there is a beach to visit. Australia is also a wonderful destination for kayaking, any water sports.

In a list of the world’s best beaches, Australia has four and two are in New Zealand (Not the same place, but close enough). Overall, there are more than 10,000 beaches around Australia. The United States has five while the United Kingdom has three. If you are not into water activities, you can still visit the inland for museums and national parks. But some of the roads have little habitation of humans than animals.

5. Numerous Adventurous Opportunities

Adventurous Opportunities

Owing to its diverse range in climate, topography, habitation, and developments, Australia gives you access to anything you can think of. You need to identify a spot with your favorite sporting activity so you can book an airline to the destination.

Surfing enthusiasts can visit beaches during Summer for an outstanding experience. You can also get on your dirt bikes ride to Big Red, Australia’s largest sand dune in the Northern Territory. You will have a wonderful experience, especially if you enjoy more than one activity. You can go bushwalking when you are not on the beaches to surf.

Summing Up

Sometimes you may have thought that Australia is far away that you cannot arrive. Or maybe you heard something bad about the place, like poor internet connectivity. But a holiday or vacation should help you focus on “here and now” to experience life. There is no need to worry about anything. Start packing your travel documents and bags because your next surf destination will be in Australia.

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