Wholesale CBD Boxes and Custom Printed CBD Packaging

The packaging is both a banal and multifaceted topic. At first glance, the main purpose of packaging is to protect the product, but you need to understand that the main purpose of the product for its manufacturer is the joy of the consumer, and, accordingly, the opportunity to sell another product. Hence the 900 ml bottles as a way to keep up the price point, 800 g cheese lobster, as a way to sell a little more. That is, the dosage and the minimum quantity of the product are now such that the product sells better. And, accordingly, all other functions of packaging are usually directed at the enterprise for this. Therefore, logistics, presenting its requirements for packaging, necessarily takes into account the marketing goals and adapts to them.  The Custom boxes are most important there.

So, for example, sellers of CBD are interested in having as many CBD as possible in a box. And here we are limited only by the legislation of mainly different countries, in many countries this is 25 kg. Of course, not every package weighs 25 kg, but this is the maximum that we can afford. Of course, from the minimum packaging in which the goods are transported, the transport packaging will also occur, as a derivative. How the product arrives depends on how we see it on the counter.

It is important where the goods come from, how we load them into the wagon, into the car, into the container. Well, what costs do we incur for the transportation of a unit of goods? Thus, forming the requirements from logisticians to packaging, we go through the next stage: 

  • Together with marketing and technologists 
  • From packaging a unit of goods to transport packaging. 
  • Together with sellers 
  • Requirements for transport packaging from individual buyers. 
  • Together with transport engineers 
  • Shared with a warehouse

How to Load CBD, Minimizing Combat on the Way 

To link these stages, systematic and regular work is needed, both for products already produced and for each new product. Moreover, each time we must go along this chain in both directions. For example, expensive decorative elements that are narrow, long, beautiful, at the same time, fragile, and their fight always leads to a very high emotional intensity, because one piece costs 100 dollars, compared to a tile that costs 5 dollars apiece, it is clear that everyone is always very unhappy with the fight of the decor on the road. For Custom Packaging this is important.

The marketers developed a new first-class box called the Lavanda Line, where the goods fit perfectly, everything was beautifully packaged, and the printing was excellent. Separately, for the friezes, the same box, for each frieze has its own place, so it drove perfectly, nothing beat. The battle of the goods stopped, no complaints from buyers were received. 

Place in Warehouses, Sales Areas. 

Therefore, beautiful boxes were often replaced and the cutters and decors were rearranged to be at hand. And this beautiful box did not always reach the end consumer. At the same time, it cost 11 times more than a regular box. Of course, after that we gave up on it. This is the case when we treated transportation one-sidedly, guided only by the fear of battle.

Usually, we design for a new product and packaging in an integrated manner, understanding how the CBD will be laid in boxes on the lines, taking into account the speed of the line, taking into account who is packing, a robot or a person. 

Minimizing, Of Course, Human Involvement 

Pre-calculating how these boxes will then fit on standard euro pallets as tightly as possible, without any friction, in order to again minimize tile damage then as these pallets will be placed in containers, in wagons. Often the requirements for transport packaging can vary from buyer to buyer.

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