Light Up Your Life – 5 Innovative Uses for LED Lights

LED lights are truly a spectacular invention. They have a long life span, energy-efficiency, and radiate very little heat while providing high brightness and intensity. Yet, beyond delivering basic lighting for their homes, many people are unaware of the more exciting jobs these powerful little lights can do. You might be surprised to learn how useful this form of lighting can be in many situations. Here are five of our favorites:  

4WD Adventures

Something as inexpensive and easy to install as LED light bars can end up being incredibly convenient and useful on off-road adventures. Typically, the further off the beaten track you go, the less street lighting there is to guide the way.

Given how poorly maintained some backcountry roads can get, being able to see as far ahead as possible is crucial. With its brightness and intensity, LED lighting allows you to see far more of the road you’re traversing than conventional vehicle lighting.

Hunting Trips

When you’re in the middle of nowhere and eager to hunt wildlife, you need some pretty impressive lighting. Trying to navigate dense bush and woodland environments with substandard lighting has the potential to lead to disaster.

With that in mind, many hunters are opting for LED hunting lamps to guide the way. They can secure them snuggly on their heads, choose the lighting mode they prefer, and safely cut a path through nature.

While you can choose standard LED bulbs, some headlamps and torches also come with red and green bulbs, which are a preference for some hunters due to the way in which animals perceive colors and lights.  

RV Travels 

Ask any comfort-loving traveler, and they’ll tell you that exploring the countryside in an RV always beats roughing it in a tent. You’ve got a comfortable bed, a convenient bathroom, and even a kitchen in which to prepare meals.

However, there’s often one thing that needs to be upgraded when you buy an RV, and that’s the lighting. LED lights are fast becoming a popular option for RV owners who want to benefit from an efficient, long-lasting form of lighting that works seamlessly with their electrical system. You can buy stick-on lights, LED light strips, ceiling lights, and more – all to suit your unique situation.  


No boat owner wants to find themselves stranded in the middle of a lake, or the ocean, with a drained boat battery – especially at night. If your boat has old halogen floodlights, that could very well become your reality.

While a stock-standard feature on many older boats, halogen lights are far from efficient. They use a lot of power while quickly draining the battery.

That’s where LED lighting comes in. For those who prefer to fish at night, this form of illumination allows you to run floodlights for far longer without the fear of flattening the battery. You may not be guaranteed to catch anything, but at least you can see what you’re doing as you try.


As unbelievable as it might seem, you can actually purchase LED wallpaper. This crazy product was pioneered in 2004 by Meystyle and is a popular option for home and business owners alike.

Rather than change your wallpaper when you’re tired of the style, you can simply change the LED lighting pattern. The LEDs are integrated into the wallpaper without any additional thickness, and you can hang it the same way you would standard wallpaper.

Once upon a time, halogen light bulbs were the lighting form of choice. Those days are now over. For efficiency, lifespan, and brightness, many people are seeing the value in LED lighting for a wide variety of applications.

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