What is the Alljoyn router service? Is it safe? How to disable it?

Alljoyn router service is a built-in application in Windows 10 that allows the window to interact with another service via the internet of things (IoT), which simply means that the service will assist in data interpretation and communication between Alljoyn devices.

The software is always running in the background of your system. The most crucial reason behind stopping this service is that it uses CPU and impacts the processing of your system. As a result, disabling the service is essential to improve your computer’s performance.

Is it safe to have Alljoyn router service in the system?

This may be the first question that comes to mind whenever you see this running in the background of the system because Windows users are unfamiliar with AllJoyn” s relatively exceptional service. Fortunately, it is unquestionably safe. Microsoft experts stated that the Alljoyn Router Service is safe and secure to use and that it was created to improve the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as provide more diversity to the Windows 10 platforms. So just let it run because it will not damage you.

Is Alljoyn router service a virus?

The AllJoyn Router Service isn’t a virus, so don” t worry. It’s essentially an AllSeen Alliance service that functions as a channel for IoT-related tasks between Windows 10 and other devices. Run it through Windows Defender or any other reliable antivirus to double-check it; none of them will detect it as a threat.

How to disable the Alljoyn router service in your system?

However, due to some failures, it can occasionally consume a lot of disc space. If it does not resolve the problem, you may choose to disable the service. To do so, use the procedures listed below.

Step 1: To open the Run box, press Windows + R, and then type services.msc > OK.

Step 2: Find and select “AllJoyn Router Service” from the list of tasks in the Services window,

Step 3: Right-click on it and select “Properties.”

Step 4: Click Stop > Disabled.

Step 4: Next, click OK > Apply to save the changes.

How do I manage the operation of the Alljoyn Router Service?

Disabling the Alljoyn router service alone will not significantly impact your system’s speed and performance. However, certain malware will still be active and cause your system to slow down.

So, here are some methods for controlling the Alljoyn router service in Windows via the Advanced system care startup.

Step 1: Launch your browser and download Advanced System Care for your computer.

Step 2: Go to the Dashboard > Toolbox.

Step 3: In the System Optimizer bar, select Startup Manager.

Step 4: In front of the Alljoyn Router, click Disable under the service tab.

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