What Is A Split System Air Conditioner And Why Is It Awesome?

Summers can be really taxing on the body and mind. During summers you not only have to deal with sweat but also have to worry about dehydration as well as the discomfort caused by going out in the sun. The heat in peak summers can feel like it’s piercing the body.

So naturally, it is quite relaxing to escape the heat and get back home to the comfortable environment of your home which is cooled by an Air Conditioner.

These cooling systems have become a necessity today and you have the options of choosing from portable AC, split AC, window AC, and tower AC. Well, of these the split Air conditioners are a popular choice nowadays.

What makes a Split System AC stand out is neither as costly as a Central AC nor does it take up space on your window like the Window AC.

What Is A Split System Air Conditioner?

split system air conditioner

The Split AC is a cooling system that has two separate units which perform separate functions and can be placed at a distance from each other. The two units are as follows:

1. Air Handler – It is designed to be fixed inside the house, on an exterior wall.

2. Condenser– It is placed on a roof or any place outside, which is near the first unit.

Both of these units are connected together by a conduit. What makes a Split system air conditioner a viable choice over any other air conditioning system is the amount of ductwork required for installation of the system.

As opposed to other AC systems, you only need a few tubing and electrical wiring for your Split AC to start working properly.

There are various advantages that a Split System Air Conditioner offers over a Central or Window AC. These advantages make Split AC quite feasible for households and also for small shops and establishments.

Benefits Of Split System Air Conditioner

Split Air Conditioner

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the primary reasons people are opting for split AC is because of its sleeker look and availability in different color options. If you compare the look of Split AC and Window AC, then Split AC takes advantage of the other forms. The split air conditioner’s design easily blends with the interior of the room.


Installation of a split AC hardly takes any effort. On the contrary, a Central AC requires ducts all over the house and that would require a substantial amount of handy work. As well it would require redoing the interiors so that they are able to match the overall scheme of a room.

The silent killer of heat

Well, one of the greatest advantages which split AC has to offer is that it is very efficient and doesn’t make too much noise. You would not find this with window AC. This is because the condenser of this AC is placed outside thus causing a minimal distraction to the people sitting inside.

All-round working

Yes, many of the advanced models of split system air conditioner come with the heating system as well. This makes the AC useful all year round. You can use this AC in winter for heating and during summer for cooling. But you must know that these models might come at a higher cost.

While both the AC, window, and split continue to rule the market, split ACs have taken an edge over the other because of their sleek look, low sound, and easy installation.

It won’t be wrong to say that window ACs are a thing of the past and getting a central AC is a real hassle. The alternative for both situations is a Split System Air Conditioner.

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