What Garment Manufacturers Want Fashion Startups to Know?

Until recent times, it was not simple and easy to commence a fashion startup. A few of the fashion businesses that prevailed were those who already have some links with the fashion industry. A lot of designers were employed in the industry and the separate brands that endured had to spend many years learning from larger brands and developing relationships.

But this scenario has been changed with the passage of time. Zega apparel reviews claim that today, it is our fortune that we are living in a time when barriers to entry in the industry are almost non-existent.

In the past, most people hesitated to launch their own business due to the difficulties they faced in finding factories. However, it is no more a barrier today and there is a large number of online resources and directories to utilize and seek different options of many local and foreign manufacturers. Provisioning of materials has also become convenient. There are international trade exhibitions as well as various local supplying events.

The tension of marketing your products is no more an issue either. The modern and fast internet facilities have made it simple and easy converting the world a globally accessible market.

Nonetheless, along with these conveniences, numerous other issues have popped up that force the manufacturers whine and the potential entrepreneurs grumble.

One of the greatest problems in these days that the Clothing manufacturers or entrepreneurs complain about is the invasion of new blood. The convenience of startup loans to fresh graduates and savings utilized by the seasoned entrepreneurs imply that a lot of folks, having little knowledge of fashion business or the industry, contact the manufacturers and try to enter in the race remaining oblivious of how the industry works.

A general opinion would be that the industry would embrace the new business openly, but it is not the case. Most of the manufacturers do not welcome the newbies and even if they do so, the work allowed is not a precedence for them, hence prolonging the issues further.

Why do fresh startups consider themselves stand on equal footing with the established and seasoned manufacturers?

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One more such issue is that the startups think and place themselves on equal footing with the experienced manufacturers. Although, the UK garment industry is prospering owing to the quality education provided by the universities, yet it is a misconception on the part of fresh graduates that they can compete with the experienced and established manufactures. The newbies in the business lack the skills, experience, capital, business acumen, and practical knowledge of how the industry works. This is a big shortcoming on the part of fresh graduates.

What they say, and how does it sound;

  • I need your support to assist me to establish a new business; “sounds like we will have to be at your mercy”
  • I do not have money, and I am unable to pay for an advise; “implies that we will concede to running a business together”
  • I want to produce only 10-20-30 samples; “again, inquire her if we do sampling. Do not presume and mention whatever you need”
  • I want my fabric in the store, “ask prior to booking us and inform us in advance”
  • I demand my order to be delivered within a few weeks; “We have other customers as well, inquire us and present your timeline also”
  • I need to make one apparel per style only; “We may not be producing it, ask before placing the order”
  • I want each dealer to give me one month’s credit so that I am able to sell through my website before paying my bills; “We have expenditures too, both variable and fixed. We are going to work together for the first time. You should discuss the percentage in advance with us.”
  • I can meet you only at 6 or 7 o’ clock as I am busy in my job; “This is not a good attitude, it displays a non-serious attitude on your side’
  • I do not have a credit card right now; “ A professional must keep at least one credit card when going for a business meeting”

This is a blend of impractical expectations, lack of knowledge of the industry and common sense that discourage manufacturers to support startup brands.

A lot of entrepreneurs opt to compete with established brands hoping to be propelled into similar working terms and conditions like them and would be able to contend and grow in the same conditions.

Some Fine Tips for Startups from Experienced Manufacturers

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Trying to enter the industry with non-professional attitude leaves a negative first impression and conveys a mistaken message from the start.

It is wrong particularly in an atmosphere where the industry runs chiefly on networking and relations. So, rather than presenting a list full of expectations and demands, try to survey and analyze as much as possible beforehand about how to realize your ideas and the functioning of the industry.

Estimate realistically about costs and financing your projects.

And after doing all the research, when you reach out to people to collaborate, you must do it respectfully-keeping in mind that any consequence will be a win-win for both of you.

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