What did it take to become a physical therapist without a degree?

You may have wondered how much time does it take for a candidate to become a physical therapist without a degree? For sure, a candidate requires to dedicate many years of life to study and to get the certification to become a certified physical therapist. However, the period can get even longer if the candidate doesn’t possess any bachelor degree. So, is there any way to cover up the length of time?

Even if there is, how long does it take to become a physical therapist without a bachelor degree qualification?

To understand this situation in a better way, the following observations are important.

  • If the candidate does not possess any bachelor degree, it may take around six years until you get the certificate and licence to work as a certified physical therapist.  
  • This period of 6 years is needed to complete your degree in Freshman Entry Doctor of Physical Therapy. Although the period may sound too long, the programs get specifically made to speed up this whole course of becoming a physical therapist. 
  • If a person is eligible to be admitted into this program, it is possible to get a bachelor degree along with a DPT degree in just six years. 
  • The candidate is required to maintain a minimum GDP as decided by the program during the degree.

Another criterion to complete physical therapist schooling: How long does it take?

To become a physical therapist, a candidate will need to pass a program conducted and accredited by CAPTE. Also, the candidate will need to pass a program from NPTE to get certified with the title of a board-certified and licensed physical therapist. The candidate should be extremely dedicated as it requires persistence and consistent devotion to complete physical therapy schooling.

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