What Colors Make Brown from Primary Colors?

Among various other colors made using a combination of different primary colors, brown shade is also possible by using a combination of specific primary colors. If you are wondering what makes brown and what color used to get it, we are here to throw some light on this.

In this discussion, we are going to have a look at how to make brown with primary colors and also what colors make brown when combined in the given proportion.

What are the two colors that make brown?

When it comes to deciding what colors mix together to make brown, there is no one specific set of tones that prepare brown shade. When it comes to the right combination, there is not just a single way or a combination of primary colors that can make brown. Let us quickly discuss these combinations.

How to make brown by mixing blue and orange colors?

You can quickly get a shade of chocolate brown color by mixing a specific amount of blue color with an orange tone. Make sure that the quantity of blue color should not be more than 10% of the total percentage of orange zest in the mixture. The brown shade can be easily modified by adding some more blue paint to get a deeper shade of brown. On the other hand, a lighter shade of brown is possible by adding some orange hue of the mixture.

How to make brown paint using green and red colors?

You can get a ruddy brown color by mixing around 10% of red color with green color. You can get a dark and muddy brown shade by mixing more red shade and vice versa.

How to make the color brown with other methods?

It is the simplest method of making brown color. It is by adequately blinding yellow, red and blue shades. However, depths or tone of color are modified when you alter the individual proportions of colors in the mixture as illustrated above.

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