What Are The Pros & Cons Of Using Unfixed Glass Table Tops?

Glass tables transform the interior décor of a home from boring and makes it look attractive and stylish. Different types of glass can be used as table tops to create a comfortable environment for every person using it. When using a glass table top that is stylish, you ought to ensure that you have a high-quality glass that is durable, resistant to heat and scratching.

Depending on the type of glass, a glass table top can either be fixed or movable. The fixed types of glass are the most available and common in the market. The fixed type is mostly preferred to its safety features which make them suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors. Individuals who explore further creativity can incorporate the unfixed glass table tops to make the interior or exterior of their residence look attractive and unique.

The stands for the fixed glass table tops are also unique. When you have the fixed glass table top for your coffee table or dining table, you may experience challenges during an upgrade. Mostly, when you want to upgrade, you will need to buy an entirely new set. This can be inconvenient and costly for an individual who needs to upgrade the look of their home’s interior.

Despite being popular, fixed glass table tops have been modified before to meet the needs of many homeowners in modern society. If you are in need of adding an unfixed glass table top in your residence and wonder what the advantages or disadvantages are, this article is for you. You will find it helpful as it is also informative of what you should expect if you buy the unfixed glass table tops. Read on to find out more about it.

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Pros Of Unfixed Glass Table Tops

Glass Tops Are Easy To Install

Installing an unfixed glass table top does not have complexities compared to the fixed type. When installing an unfixed table top, all you need are the right tools to fit in the screws. They are more conveniently driven into the frame if you have the specific screwdrivers. If you do not have a screwdriver that is designed for the specific glass table top screws, then you will find it challenging eventually. Before you screw them in, ensure you have the right type and size. It will save you time and will be a lot easier than a fixed type of glass top.

Glass Tops Are Easily Customized

Customizing a glass table top is always a great idea or individuals looking forward to upgrading their interior décor. When in need of a quick upgrade of the type of glass that you use for your table, you might need to buy from a glass vendor. Upon buying a new glass table top, you will not need to replace the table entirely but only the top.

Unscrewing the already existing table is easy with the right tools and expertise. Therefore, the unfixed glass table top will be screwed to the existing frame with only the [previous top being removed. Sometimes, when you have a round glass table top, you can add another round glass table top so that you can upgrade the look of your interior décor.

 Easily Portable

 Portability of tables is an essential thing. Most people find it challenging to carry fixed tables around when they have events. Sometimes, a fixed table might not go through a certain door without struggling. This is a common challenge that individuals have to deal with so that they can use their tables for multipurpose events. He fixed type of glass table is easily portable. You need to remove the table top, and you can easily move it to the desired position. If you are having an event, then you can easily fix the table into position without worrying about damaging it.

Glass Tops Are Versatile

The versatility of glass table tops is something many people consider when buying them. A versatile glass table top can be used for almost everything within a home. If you are using a glass table top for your dining, you can easily change the functionality of the table to serve another purpose. For instance, you can move a dining glass table from the dining area to your patio. This creates a comfortable lifestyle where you don’t have to buy multiple glass tables to be used for different purposes. Glass Top Dining Tables can be of any design but should be easily moved to help in saving space and costs of buying other glass tables.

Easy To Clean

Fixed glass table tops have attached parts that can be hard to clean between joints. When you need to maintain a clean and neat interior, you should go for the unfixed glass table tops. Since the joints of the unfixed table tops can be opened during cleaning, you need o to consider. The dining area should always be maintained clean for hygiene. If you use a fixed table top such as the wooden type, you will provide lichens and molds a chance to lodge in the joints. Homeowners should consider this advantage of the unfixed glass type so that they can invest in one of their choices in the long run.

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Cons Of Unfixed Glass Table Tops


A fragile glass material can easily get damaged if not well taken care of. If you have an unfixed glass table top, you have to be careful how you handle it. Sometimes, minor accidents could result in the whole table collapsing. If the support is not fixed correctly, accidents could happen which is not desirable, this is common in homes that have infants that knock over the table tops with pedestal supports.


The unfixed glass table types are fragile due to their customized glass table tops. When in need of an unfixed glass table top, you will need to buy a customized glass so that you can attain the interior décor look that you want. Therefore, you might have to pay dearly for the personalized glass.

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