What Apps Do Animators Use To Draw?

Animation has been around for quite some time; before, it takes long hours to create a simple transition. From one movement to another, but now, as technology evolves, and so does our way of making animation, it is easier. 

So, what could be the best animation app to choose from nowadays? We have selected a list of all the best animation apps, where some of them can even run not just on PCs but also on your Mobile Devices.

Therefore, do you need to be at an expert level to use these apps? Do you need to be a great artist to draw your subject for animation? It might surprise you, but the answer to both questions is a resounding—NO. Even someone who can’t draw very well can now create from simple to complex animated presentations. 

You don’t need to be intimidated by the animation terminologies like time-lapse, vignettes, tweening, stop motion, frame rate, 2D, and 3D. These apps are very user-friendly and provided help manuals, and you may even search for online tutorials for further explanations and sample use.

What program do most animators use?

Animation software enables users to generate moving graphics from visual files, depending on what output or presentation the user wants to produce, with the option to add background sound or additional effects. 

Budget and choice of style are also considered. Here are some suggested animation apps that can help you in creating an outstanding animated presentation. Whether it’s hand drawn explainer tutorial videos—computer-generated graphics, product videos, e-learning videos—applying animation can make the explanation much more entertaining.

Adobe Spark

Available both in mobile and desktop versions. Adobe Spark allows users to create a presentation in no time as their tag goes – Design like a Pro. Adobe Spark makes it conveniently easy to integrate voiceovers, icons, or video clips to create expert-quality soundtracks and cinematic motions—to generate compelling video content. It has a massive impact to improve engagements which takes a few minutes to make.

You can use this tool to test the waters and decide whether it fits your preferred style and preferences. Furthermore, you should experiment and see the limitations—if they match your preferences—and adjust from there. 


A free animation app that is also a beginner-friendly and suitable tool for illustrations.

If you’re looking to create some cartoon animation, then FlipaClip is an excellent choice for a free animation app that has all the perks of modern animation technology but still has an old-school feel.


A mobile animation app that provides you with all the essential features you could ask for in a video editing tool. What’s best about this tool is that anyone can use it for simple animation whenever needed. An excellent solution to begin with and little steps can help you improve your skills. 

Animation Desk

Beginners and newbies will be delighted to use the frame-to-frame animations with an easy-to-use interface. Animation Desk is best for people who are just starting in the animation world. The app allows users to upload your finished product directly to your social media.


A free classroom tool for educators, students, and administrators. Easily create and share videos with your class, with parents, and beyond. No software downloads are required.

One of the conveniences when creating a high-end video is to make them quickly less the complex process of an editing software solution. Animoto offers various templates which are adaptable and easy on the user’s end.


Powtoon provides you with pre-built templates of animated characters, background view, props, and more. You can import a voice-over and add background music, too.

One of the best features that the app has and makes it different from the other video animation makers is choosing between Presentation mode and Animation mode.

Stop Motion Studio

This app, as the name goes, creates a stop-action presentation. It’s a tool that provides a unique solution to manipulate objects to come to life. This can be done by transitioning objects or subjects in increments while you are filming the frames per increment. Once the frames are sequential, this creates the movement. 


A desktop-only animation app that allows you to create an ultra-realistic 3D presentation.

This open-source and free solution for 3D creation purposes is strategically designed for 3D pipelines—video editing, motion tracking, composition, rendering, simulation, animation, rigging, 2D pipeline animation, modeling, and more.

Animate It!

Similar to Stop Motion Studio, Animate It allows you to create your own stop-frame animated short or long-length videos in no time.

Pencil2D Animation

If you have the skill to sketch and draw, this app is a must-try for you. This could be a minimalist version of the old Macromedia Flash. Pencil2D is an animation/drawing software that allows you to create traditional hand-drawn animation using bitmap and vector graphics.

And then, we got three special mentions below.

Animators traditionally used these solutions or applications when working on various projects, including TV shows, films, or commercials. Often, graphic designers use several tools to create promotional materials or media websites for several business industries. This animation solution can be integrated with video editing tools, 3D modeling solutions, and drawing software or tools. Artists and freelancers can use the best free video editing software and free animation software together to create their video animations on a budget.

3DS Max Design

Architectural, design, civil engineering, and visualization specialists will find an ideal solution for 3D design, modeling, animation, and rendering. 3DS Max is worth learning, especially for Modelling purposes.


If you want to create characters, rig them, create animation, apply special effects, and simulate motion, Maya is the right tool for you. But, if you combine it with programming, it gets fascinating.

Adobe Animate

Interactive and multimedia-rich applications can be designed using this comprehensive authoring environment. Adobe Animate cc has been a popular solution in creating compelling projects with video, animation, graphics, or sound integration.  

When it comes to a tool that is ideal for newbies and offers ease of use, Adobe Animate must try as it provides solutions to create animation by frame. The method is quite neat and easy thanks to its multiple and easy-to-use drawing tool interface. 

The features are strategically created to improve the animation by frame. This allows you to animate pretty simply while choosing keyframes as characters move to how you want them to be.

Who Use Animation Software

The results with animation solutions and applications are alluring for anyone, regardless of which industry you are trying to integrate. With several free and highly recommended solutions available on the web today, nothing can stop you from producing compelling videos and animations that generate revenue and increase audience engagement. 

Whether you want to get involved with the process, building the fundamental layers of animation, or creating characters, particular departments or individuals have a more natural case for virtual animation studios and setups.


Your marketing program may be closely connected to other content efforts, but using animation software to market is a powerful way to reach old customers and attract new ones. 

It could be anything from animated videos on your website to digital advertising campaigns. Think about how you might respond to animation versus more traditional content, and the benefits are apparent.


This team’s focus may already have been driven by visual and design efforts related to user experience and tutorials, as well as overall website and application content. Product teams can benefit from integrating animation into their arsenal by injecting creativity and possibilities toward the long list of projects they have on the go.


Visual effects like animation and individuals with training in graphic design contribute directly to the creativity engine of your organization. The content team can augment the output of any online content, whether it is a blog or a video channel, or simply an interactive website. 

Animated visuals can dramatically increase your content’s effectiveness. They can transform your branded content into something that will surpass your customers’ expectations.


Creative agencies, such as video production and graphic design companies, often handle publishing projects requiring or directly benefiting from such tools. In this line of business, animation skills are essential, even if only for the possibility that a particular situation may call for it or the perfect opportunity arises for an animated component. 

Animated films and television shows have become increasingly popular since animation platforms have developed and become more widely available. Animated video games are often produced by designers and developers experienced with this branch of video software.

Final Words

There are many available animation apps to choose from, and aside from learning from the user’s product review and feedback, the best way to prove its capability and worth is to try and use the actual App. Find what suits your style and comfort in use when creating your presentation.

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