Facts to Know About Trino Marin

His full name, popularly known as Trino Marin of Jose Trinidad marín, is nicely-recognized due to his ex-spouse, Jenni Rivera. Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband caused much damage to the family; now, he is paying for it in prison with a long sentence.

Chiquis Rivera

One of the strongest episodes of cheques Rivera’s life was the one that made him live with his father, josé Trinidad marín, who currently faces a prison sentence for having abused not only the singer and her sister Jacquie Rivera but also Rosie. He has twice asked for his sentence to be reduced without success. Today we tell you how many years in prison they gave trino marín.

 What was Jenni Rivera’s love? 

In this autobiographical book called Incuebrantable, the Diva of the Band confessed kue the great romance kue had was with a man lama do Fernando “El pelon,” a promoter of the radio Kue Buena of Los Angeles. This love was not made public in his time, but he framed it forever. 

Leave prison

On March 4, 2010, trino asked for the first time to reduce his sentence and bail for good behavior, but the judge denied it. A second attempt (which was also rejected) was made on June 26, 2013, coinciding with chiquis’ 28th birthday. In 2018 the news spread that he would be released, but it was a simple rumor. Now the followers of this news are keeping an eye on when trino marín will leave prison and if he will try again to ask for his freedom.

Just last year, when chiquis celebrated her wedding to Lorenzo méndez, the singer received her father’s call from prison and showed that she had learned to forgive over the years. He is my biological father. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here,” he said before the cameras of his reality show.

Trino Marin’s criminal case

During the legal process, it was announced that trino’s family accused Jenni of taking advantage of the situation to publicize herself; that is how she got her parole on bail. While the news affected the Rivera family for a moment, months later, it would have its moment when the final verdict was given.

Upon listening to approximately the horrible information, Jenni, without delay, filed a criticism in opposition to her ex-husband. After accommodations a case, he became summoned with the aid of using the courtroom docket. However, he fled and became marked as a fugitive. He modified his identification and commenced existence in riverside county. Nevertheless, he was arrested in April 2006, despite attempting to alternate his identification.

Furthermore, the courtroom docket trial lasted for a yr., or till trino became declared responsible for sexual abuse. He was sentenced to 31 years of existence and imprisonment. The courtroom docket ordered nine counts of felonies, three counts of toddler abuse, one dependent on sexual abuse, one dependent on repeated sexual abuse, and three counts of oral sex with a toddler. 

 Trino’s existence today

With all of the dreadful matters he triggered in his circle of relatives, trino marin and his youngsters are on desirable and talking terms. Jacqui took pics with trino and stated that having forgotten the sins of her father that he dedicated, he may want to pass on together along with his existence.

There became a rumor in 2018 that trino could be launched due to desirable behavior. However, the information was no longer confirmed, and no additional statistics were received. People were given livid following the information, thinking about what trino had done.

Fortunately, chiquis and Rosie have been able to continue with their lives and have turned the page. Now Rosie lives an incredible marriage next to Abel, and chiquis has boosted her artistic career even though scandals haunt her.

How many children did Jenni Rivera have? 

This 2021, Seria Mui Vaieue or Jenni Rivera, Porkue Estaria celebrated decades as a singer composite. She will be celebrating 52 years of life this July 2. Something kue would indeed celebrate in the company of her cinjos children: Jannie marin Rivera (“Chikuis Rivera”), Jacqueline Melina Marina Rivera, Michael. 

Moreover, the speculations approximately his early launch have been fueled due to one in all his daughter’s statements that they’d now no longer talked to him approximately it. However, there isn’t any additional information about his launch. Many human beings are curious to understand whether or not trino remains alive and whether or not he’s serving his sentence.

For nine years, the man remained a fugitive from justice until kue managed to capture him in 2006. In May 2007 kue a judge pleaded guilty, and Jose Trinidad Marin sentenced him to 31 years. One year before 31 March 2015. In 2013, the time for the reduction of conviction was decided.

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