Torrenting is an Efficient Way of Sharing Large Files for Free

Torrenting involves distributing large files over the Internet via other users’ computers rather than one centralized server. It is a standard method of file sharing which is practiced worldwide. Torrenting requires a peer-to-peer network, a torrent management software called a torrent client, and a torrent tracker to download and upload files.

When you try to download a sizeable in-demand file from its website, the chances are that you might face heavy traffic, and the file may take too long to download, wasting your bandwidth in the process. However, in the process of torrenting a large file is broken down into small bits and gets downloaded from several machines, which is way quicker than downloading from one single source.

The torrent client then joins the bits of files and installs them onto your machine. The quick download results in using minimum bandwidth, which is one of the reasons why torrenting large multimedia files are popular all over.

The various small severs that distribute the files for download are called peers and form the peer-to-peer network. The users who upload the content for others to download are called the seeders, while those who download the content without uploading it for others to download are called leechers. 

In order to request files from seeders, you need to use a program called a torrent client such as BitTorrent, a leading and popular torrenting program. This program collects the tiny bits of the requested file, over a short period of time, from the devices of other peers through Peer-to-peer communication protocol. At one particular time, every user downloads some part of the file and uploads the other parts of the file for others to download.

All these computers participating in this way are collectively known as a swarm of peers. Usually, the more you demand a file, the more you will see a more extensive peer-to-peer network, contributing to a quicker file-sharing process. 

After you finish your download, it is a good practice to stay online for some time so that others can continue to upload the file. This process is known as seeding. Also, it is important to keep a track of the location of the parts of a file that you need to download on your computer. A torrent tracker does the job of keeping track of the parts of files. Hence, you will need to add a tracker to your torrent client application. 

Use a VPN to Keep your Work Private

There is a remote possibility that you may mistakenly download a copyrighted file, which can cause some problems, depending on the laws of your country. 

Therefore, it is essential to use an effective VPN service to keep yourself safe while torrenting. Before you begin downloading torrents, download and install a VPN with a kill switch. Assuming that your internet connection fails while torrenting, a kill switch will spontaneously shut the open websites, ascertaining protection. Hence, choose a VPN that works seamlessly and offers robust security.

It is Easy to Download Files on The Pirate Bay

Back in the days, downloading large files from the Internet was tedious. However, now, you are all set to start downloading torrent files. One of the best websites is The Pirate Bay, which has a vast collection of movies, games, TV shows, applications that you can download free of cost.

Credits to The Pirate Bay, that presuming you lose your internet connection while downloading a file, you won’t have to waste time downloading the content from the beginning. You can restart the download from where it stopped.

When you use The Pirate Bay, downloading content becomes effortless. You just have to enter the file name you want to download in the search bar, and you will be shown hundreds of files to choose from. Look for a high-quality file by reading users’ comments in the description box. Just find a healthy torrent and download some pretty cool stuff.

Once you become a part of the torrenting community, you will discover how useful it can be. However, The Pirate Bay can be inaccessible at times, but you can use its proxy site called thepirateproxybay to download content.

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