Top 6 Crafty Visits in Malaysia

What is it that attracts you to visit a country?

Is it the family history of that particular place? Or is it the wonders of new la la land?

Honestly, sometimes all you need is a commercial playing on the T.V and your mind is all set.

To all the young explorers tugged in their beds a word of wisdom;

“Let your dreams come true in the best way possible, never take no for answer!”

Someone closer to my heart told me that once, and now I’m the luckiest one!

Forsake your boundaries of all the possibilities and rule out the judgment of others and travel, explore and fall in love with new places.

Each country is a holiday destination. it’s just a matter of choosing which one you want to be yours.

Revitalize yourself and pour all the energy in your soul to demonstrate nothing can stop you from living your life from the fullest. Give yourself the break you have been long denied and take a stand for it.

Deciding where to go can be a real challenge but let’s ease out the worrisome issue and hop on to Malaysia this year with expectations as high as soaring clouds in the sky.

Why Malaysia?


Because it’s truly Asia! (well that’s a tagline from a commercial I remember so dearly) and not to forget the fact that it’s among the top Halal Holidays Destination in southeast Asia.

Asia has always been a common ground for tourists all over the world looking for tropical wonders. Malaysia is one of those tropical wonders.

Sometimes all you need is a perspective.

Draw it from here!

Malaysia, comprised of two islands is an epitome of how multi-culture and multi-ethnicity can thrive along so well.

This Malay peninsula is long and narrow and tugged with islands in its pockets. Not only the islands are the limelight but the flora and fauna in full diversity bloom here.

With an equatorial tropical climate zone, heavy rainfall occurs but humidity scores during the summer heat.

This country offers some of the prestigious tropical wonders you possibly can’t miss!

The Best 6 Visits to Look Forward to

Malaysia openly welcomes its arms for those who choose it as their holiday destination. With its rich culture and diversity, it’s quickly engaging itself among the top halal destination in the Muslim world.

halal destination in the Muslim world

Redang Island

Being one of the largest islands in the east coast of Malaysia it is a popular destination among the tourists for its whitewashed sand beaches and the tropical flamboyancy of palm trees. What makes it more refreshing Is the archives of coral reefs and the crystal blue waters.

Did you watch Finding Nemo?

Let’s just say it’s home to a lot of diverse species of such nemoes along with some comical species of jellyfish, sharks and many more.

But rest assured it is safe to go snorkeling here as long as you are closer to the shores of the sandy beaches and the island has been laid with the trekking through dense tropical forest for the trekkers to go for a camping or glamping, the choice is yours.

Cameron Highlands

Malaysia is a striking contrast between lowlands and highlands and doesn’t be surprised when you get to visit the Titiwangsa Mountains, the oldest and the most popular of Malaysia’s destination.

The highlands are comprised of the major production of Boh tea and scented rose gardens.

The wildlife, flora and the farms are the major highlights.

The lush green areas of this hill station are the best, one can imagine ever to visit.

This platform is solely decorated via a variety of farmlands providing sustenance to the lowlands.

Why not grab a selfie stick and take a grand snapshot of the majestic hills?

Pulau Kapas

Also known as Cotton Island, the beaches here give the extravagant feel of stratus sand squishing between your toes. Also known for its relaxing and fresh ambiance it’s a favourite among the holidaymakers who look for some peace and quiet time even during their holidays.

The best time to visit this place is in between April-August and don’t forget to bring cash with you! As exotic as it may sound lack of ATMs is not what you’ll need to worry about so better safe than sorry.

The biodiversity here is worth snorkeling for and you will get to love every single second of it but do not expect high ranking hotels here but you can easily get accustomed to the local beach resorts.

Pulau Mabul

Another island marks itself in our crafty destinations in Malaysia. Known for its benevolent fine white sand beaches this place is yet another miracle came true on this Earth.

With the charms of the aristocratic lady, this island is home to small marine life as well.

 This small island has to offer one of the world’s best muck diving experience (and you might wonder what this fuss was all about) unless you get it to do by yourself.

An hour-long walk on this island is sufficient to cover every step and corner and mark your way into the village to get some fresh coconut drinks and bite-size eatables.

Definitely a diva among holiday destinations it’s a must visit place!


Another diving arena, considered to be the most of the premier islands in Malaysia.

Some might even refer Sipadan as an untouched piece of art surrounded by water escapades. Quite intriguing point to notice is that this island is home to more than 3000 species of biodiversity! It’s a marine zoo in its natural habitat.

Ever inspired by turtles? Or want to touch them? Or better yet float with them?

Another interesting yet phenomenal is the population of green hawksbill turtles who come each season here to lay their eggs and the hatching season is the most prime times for tourists to experience the whole process of baby turtles crawling out of their eggshells and making their way the shores. Your kids will love this place and so will you!


An island full of diverse cuisine and vibrancy of colorful fauna is what makes it distinct and popular among the locals and the travellers alike.

It’s hometown to many expensive well-catered hotels, resorts, temples, and the gigantic mansions. The best experience is relevant not only to your culinary experience but shopping is the wanton!

Horse riding on the beach shores is another best experience one might cater to at some point of their holiday.

The city mildly resembles that to the city of Valencia in Spain (well that’s one way to see it) but the coastal port town is another of our favourite locations in Malaysia.

Malaysia has no end to its creative chain of islands or highlands or city towns. The excellency is pure divine and can’t be missed!

Live some happy moments in a true Malaysian way

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