How to Get a Lot of Money in GTA 5?

Money is the lifeblood of GTA 5. It fuels your ambitions, opens doors to luxury, and empowers your criminal ventures.

The easiest way to earn a lot of money in GTA 5 is by progressing through the story mode and completing heists. However, there are a few other ways to earn quick cash.

Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Get a Lot of Money in GTA 5

1. Robbery

One of the fastest ways to make money in GTA 5 is through robbery. There are several different heists that can be completed for a significant amount of cash. However, these missions require some preparation, so it’s important to choose your crew carefully.

One option is to rob 24/7 stores and supermarkets. This fast crime will earn you around $1100 for two registers and a quick getaway. Another option is to rob pedestrians at ATMs. This petty crime will earn you $30-$120, which is much higher than the normal yield for robbing store clerks.

It is recommended that you choose Gunman as your heist leader, as this character will provide the best weapons for the job. He also has access to a helicopter, which is useful for fleeing the cops after the heist.

2. Heists

Heists are the best way to make a lot of money in GTA 5. These high payout missions require teamwork and communication, but also offer the fastest ways to earn a large amount of cash in the game.

Heists can be done solo, or in a private lobby with up to four players. The player that accepts the Heist call will be the heist leader, and can invite friends to join, as well as players from the previous Heist.

The Heists in GTA 5 range from simple armored car heists to complex bank jobs with armed robbery. Some heists can be completed multiple times, increasing the profits each time. The Bureau Raid, for example, can be done over and over again, while still earning the same total payout of $2 million.

3. Assassinations

When players reach a certain point in the story, Lester Crest will offer Franklin a series of assassination missions. These stock market-themed assignments involve assassinating a corporation character and causing their competitors’ stocks to plummet, thus netting the player a substantial sum of money.

To maximize profits, players must invest in a company’s stock before the mission and then sell it afterwards. They can do this on the BAWSAQ and LCN stock markets, which can be accessed through Franklin’s mobile phone.

For the best returns, players should invest all of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s money into Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET) stocks on the BAWSAQ website before completing this mission. They can then sell this stock on early Monday for a high profit. This can net up to $2 billion dollars if done correctly.

4. Racing

GTA 5 features several racing missions that earn players significant cash rewards. Unlike muggings or robberies, these missions can be repeated over time to build up a steady stream of income. Players can find these premium races by looking for the golden stunt wheels on the map. Once found, players can join the race for a $20k entry fee and then finish third or higher to make their money back.

Special and Vehicle Cargo missions are one of the fastest ways to make money in GTA 5. However, it requires a lot of grinding to reach high-paying missions such as Cayo Perico. Luckily, Rockstar updates these missions weekly. Players can also find a handful of double-money events that increase their earnings. These events range from scrappy Motor Wars fights to sneaky Smuggler Sell Missions.

5. Buying Businesses

GTA 5 allows players to earn passive income through buying businesses. These businesses generate products over time and can be upgraded to increase production efficiency. These properties also require resupplying, either by stealing or purchasing supplies and managing sell missions to maximize profits.

There are several business options, but the best one in GTA V is Smoke on the Water. This is only available after the Nervous Ron mission, and it is the most profitable property in the game. It offers a decent return on investment, and it has a few unique perks that make it worth the purchase. Other good choices include Cocaine Lockup and Meth Lab. These all have a decent hourly profit, but they will take a while to pay off in full.

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