Tips for Choosing Your First Motorcycle

Sydney is an urban mecca that’s full of eclectic restaurants, hip bars, and amazing shopping selections. Rush hour is a mess, and parking can be a bit of a problem, especially in the busier and more congested downtown CBD (central business district). A busy, metropolitan jungle like Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, makes a great place to own a motorcycle. Just imagine zooming through the iconic Harbour Bridge with the whipping wind caressing your face. You can also use it for a joy ride visiting numerous beaches like Bondi, Coogee, and Maroubra. 

If you want to be able to navigate the bustling city streets with ease and style, choose among the many designs of triumph motorcycles Sydney to be your signature two-wheel ride. With a broad range of options, it may be confusing and overwhelming to choose just one. Here’s how to pick your first motorcycle so you can zoom your way around town with pizzazz.

Consider Your Height and Girth

You need to make your way down to the dealership so you can sit on the motorcycle and feel if it is right. Fit is key to finding the best ride. If a model is too high; you will have a hard time balancing because you cannot reach the ground. If it is too wide, the side-to-side feel may be uncomfortable with your knees hitting hot engine parts. Apart from the engine mechanism, riding a motorcycle is all about feel and comfort because you will feel unsettled and unsure if these are not met. For ultimate confidence, find a bike that meshes well with your height and girth.

Try Different Models

To get the best outcome, try many different models to check your weight distribution and seat-to-foot-and-hand controls accessibility. Riding a motorbike is about balancing well. Aim for something where both your feet can be flat on the ground. Remember, the tips of your toes will not be able to hold you up securely. On top of that, your controls must be within easy reach. Stretching too far and being unable to sit comfortably can tip you out of balance. In a bustling street, this is dangerous and could spell the difference between life and death.

Selecting The Type of Motorcycle

There is a broad range of triumph motorcycles in Sydney. To help you understand them, look at these different types of motorcycles. All of them have different specifications, so the performance of the bike is influenced by its frame, tech specs, and other ergonomic details. Consider these following types:

  • Cruisers – These have low seats allowing you to sit in comfortably. This is an excellent option for newbie riders. They also come in various designs and colours, so you are bound to find one to suit your tastes.
  • Sport – These bikes are akin to nimble athletes. They are specifically designed to be aerodynamic, permitting high lean angles when you navigate corners. Because of its height, shorter riders will be on their toes, attempting to reach the ground.
  • Touring – When it comes to comfort; nothing beats a touring bike that is designed to live up to its name. It is akin to the La-Z-Boy of bikes. You can ride this for a long time without suffering any discomfort. They do tend to be heavy, so consider this when you are buying them. If you want something more dynamic, opt for a cross like a Sport Touring bike.
  • Standard – This styling option intersperses visual appeal and functionality. They can handle most streets, coming with various engine sizes and frames. You should be able to find a standard bike that will fit you well.
  • Dual-Sport – If you want a jack of all trades, this is the one to have. These bikes can handle dirt, the highways, and anything in between. You can ride them year-round, no matter the road or weather conditions. The seat is higher to give off-road clearance, so do test it out if you are gung-ho about this type.

Final Word

If you are new to the world of motorcycle riding, be sure you get a motorcycle that you can proficiently handle. A Touring bike may be too heavy for you, but if you are a big guy, then a standard bike won’t cut it either. Be sure to weigh these considerations. For the best possible outcome, take a motorcycle safety driving class so you can be secure on the road.

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