Things to Consider While Purchasing Saddles for Sale

Finding a saddle that fits both your horse and you well can be challenging. Every person and horse has various measurements, and there are different types of harnesses to consider. Purchasing a horse saddle might seem an impossible task. But if you are aware of what you are looking for, you make an excellent purchase. Here is how you can purchase saddles for sale and what you should consider during the purchase. Let’s look at the points to learn more. 

What to Consider While Purchasing a Saddle? 

When you start your journey of purchasing a saddle, you must know the purpose of buying it. There are various types of saddles for sale like general-purpose saddles, hunting saddles, jumping saddles, racing saddles, youth saddles, and many more. Know what kind of saddle fits your purpose.

You might also want to start buying saddles for sale with the recommendations. You can check out the online forums, articles, reviews, and Facebook groups to see what people are talking about the saddles. You do not have to start from scratch if you are looking for saddles for sale.

Just because you are searching for saddles doesn’t mean you cannot try a few people. You can ask your trainers, friends, or anyone who rides if you can test their saddles, and it will help you get a general feel for various types of saddles.

Of course, purchasing a saddle isn’t the only product to consider, especially if you are new to
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What Should You Look for In the Saddle?

There are mainly three things which you must consider while purchasing saddles for sale:

Riding Style

Your riding style decides the saddle type you will require. The English-style equestrians will need saddles made for English riding. The harness is also available for every discipline you wish to tailor the saddle choice more efficiently. 

Materials Of Saddle

The saddle is made up of various materials, including synthetics, leather, canvas, wool, iron, steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, laminated wood, and beech wood. The quality of the materials will impact the saddle’s performance and appearance over a period. 


Identifying the excellent fit is an even more challenging part of choosing a saddle. The saddle that doesn’t fit properly might cause you even more pain when you ride, or you can fall while riding if it doesn’t have a grip on you. It can lead to your training problems and the health of your horse. The top performance will require a good-fit saddle.

To determine the size you need, you will have to take the measurements of your horse for the leg and gullet size for the saddle size. If the gullet is narrow, the saddle will pinch the horse, and it will press down in winter if it is wide. If the saddle is tiny, you will be bumping against the pommel during the ride, and if it is large, you will not be able to maintain the position adequately. 

Synthetic Saddle vs. Leather Saddle

Leather is a popular material for saddles for sale, and you will want to get some best-quality leather that will last longer. Leather saddles have resilience. They have a bit of stretchable capacity that fits well on the horse and gives you comfort. Always make sure that the fittings and stitching are of quality so that they can last long.

Though identifying the quality level might be more challenging when purchasing saddles for sale. You can do it by looking at the close-up photos or going with a brand with a high reputation for its quality. 

Synthetic materials are even used for the saddles. However, synthetic saddles are not popular as leather. Though the synthetic saddles for sale are pretty less expensive, they are lightweight and straightforward to maintain. The material technology has also evolved so that the synthetic saddles are way much better than they used to be. This cannot be easy to differentiate them from the leather saddle.


Of course, you will want to take careful measurements and check out the shop’s return policy you choose. Most of the shops allow returns for non-customized products. When purchasing from the saddle for sale, you must be aware of all the above things.

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