Tantric Massage In Couple: How Was Our Experience!

After experiencing my first Tantric massage session alone, Renan and I were invited to experience that sensation together as a couple. We had a couple of Tantric massages. And I thought it would be scary, I was surprised about the moment of discovery and most sensational union we witnessed.

As I had doubts (even knowing a little more of this magic of tantra), and thinking of sharing everything we felt during that moment, So here I decided to share with you more about our experience.

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The Experience Starts Right On Arrival

Just like the first time, we were welcomed with full attention and affection by therapist Nicole, the same person who received me in the previous session alone. When arriving, we were surrounded by peace and soft aromas and cozy decoration has already made our curiosity a sea of ​​anxiety to know what was to come.

Beginning Of Discovery

Shortly after our entry into TheLesbianSpa room, we were invited to talk a little about ourselves, by looking into the eyes from the first moment. There happened the greatest means of communication between us from that moment.

We talk about our individual and couple sexual experiences, frustrations and joys, loving and sentimental in general, everything to make us comfortable with the moment and especially with each other.

This conversation proves that how much love exists in the partner’s eyes, it was a moment to relax and we need to leave all the environment to be absorbed by our body.

We relaxed together, by doing some breathing exercises to the sounds of calm and quiet music that made us even more lighter and lighter.

The Power Of Gaze

With a more relaxed body, we were invited to take each other’s clothes without the partner helping and doing the massage. We caressed the face, hands and every part of the body without touching the intimate regions and without losing eye contact.

We admired each inch of it and tried to understand what each one was feeling at that time. Breathing unites us in an incredible way and that moment could be eternal.

After the massage Therapist, Nicole who guided us throughout this process gave us a little of what he saw and felt during that time.

What Is The Tantric Massage In Couple?

After the initial involvement through eye contact, we were invited to initiate physical contact through massage, but unlike the session, I attended alone, this time Renan who did the massage for me. I lay on my stomach and then Nicole gently guided what would be the gestures, intensity, and manner of doing the massage, He advised us to stay calm and work on our contact through breathing.

I confess it was one of the most remarkable moments of the whole session because it was much more than a massage, it was an engagement with that person I loved from an angle never experienced or witnessed before, it is an inexplicable form of love.

After receiving the massage, it was my turn to do it at Renan. He laid on his stomach and therapist Nicole was indicating the ideal points to do massage for him, always do massage with calm, care, love and different ways of touching him, sometimes slower, others working hand strength, sometimes lighter or even the passage of his fingertips down his shriveled back. 

Throughout the process, we were comfortable with the amount of clothing we wear wearing was the ideal and Nicole’s orientation in order to always strengthen the moment, and never (even close) seem intimidating or strange. Therapist Nicole was the guide of our special moment and that helped us to discover incredible things.

Tantric Massage – Our Conclusions

After 3 hours of the session, we finished the massage and we sat opposite each other to tell what was felt in each of those moments. As we shared each memory, we realized how much we had in deeply involved with one another. Nicole shared with us a little of his vision as well:

Touch becomes a vehicle to express your love, energy, delivery, and pleasure. We learn to have fuller, happier and healthier sexuality. It is possible to have it, As it is nourishing and healing, to unite Love with Sex.

We put on our clothes and went home. At the end of that day, we discovered how much that “simple” massage had messed with us. I leave here (again) my admiration for this technique so hidden and so revealing that everyone should know.

It is something that mesmerizes, which leads us to sensations that we do not even want our body could give. In my opinion, tantric massage is much more than a moment of discovery, it is a moment of many revelations of you to yourself. If  you are interested in having this experience with Tantra be it individually or as a couple, I would highly recommend The Blisson Bliss

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