Survey Pronto: Everything You Need To Know

Survey Pronto is a Get-to-Paid site where you can make money. All you gotta do is participate in a survey and get paid in return. It is one of the best Get-to-paid sites that you can find on the internet.

After completing the registration process you can select the type of survey you want to participate in. Survey Pronto is partnered with Peanut labs and Survey Sampling International. So you might end up on their sites while participating in some surveys. This collaboration was only to provide surplus paid surveys which will help you earn more. 

Before taking up a survey you’ll have to answer a few questions to make sure that you are eligible to take up the survey. If you meet their criteria then you’ll be allowed to participate in the survey. The worst part is, it is kind of a tedious process to find a survey for which you are eligible. 

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Earning Through Referral Programs

Apart from earning money through surveys you can also refer to people and earn money. There is an option called Invite friends. Through the invitation link provided, you can share it on different social media platforms and bring in referrals. As a commission, you earn about 10% of the earnings made by our referral. 

As far as the payment is concerned, once you complete a survey, your money shall be credited to your Survey Pronto account. After your earning reaches a minimum of $30 you can cash out on your earnings. This is a matter of concern, it might take a long time before you could cash out on your money.

If you are looking to earn in quick succession then Survey Pronto is not the site you are looking for. For every survey that you do a small amount goes to the site as well. For instance, if a survey offers $1 then you get paid only $0.85 the other $0.15 goes to the site. Nonetheless, you can always give it a try and if it meets your preference the well and good.

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