Spilling Beans About The Meme And Reality Behind Cam Newton Hair

Umpteen memes keep circulating over social media every then and now. It will not even be an exaggeration to say that there are high chances people wake up with dozens and dozens of memes on their mobile phones nowadays. Makers only need a single moment from any corner of the world, and they are quick to play it around worldwide in a blink of an eye.

One such verse belongs to cam newton hair, and it has made millions of people laugh and curious. If you have not yet paid attention, just put these words on Google, and you will see a never-ending long line of jokes on this.

Well, let’s take you back and see how it all started and why!

Who is Cam Newton, and why is his hairstyle in discussion lately?

Cameron Newton is a popular American footballer, also called Super Cam by his admirers. Born in 1989, this quarterback free agent has added a whopping number of rewards and achievements for his football skills. To name a few among the lengthy list are NFL Most Valuable Player 2015, Bert Bell Award 2015, most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback, and many more. 

Thus, when such a prominent player decided to style his hair weirdly, it was bound to spread like wildfire. This is when cam newton hair began trending on the internet on all famous social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

His pictures reveal the oddness of his hairdo where his deadlocks kind of hair strand seems to be branching out in different directions. The more peculiar thing is that the strands point towards the air from above and sideways. The weirdness did not seem to stop because when Cameron wore a hat, he made sure his strands stood upright.

He was seen with a hat on that had holes to allow his deadlocks to branch out of the hat. It seems that he is not in a mood to hide his hairdo or make his hair sit downwards. Some considered cam newton hair utterly funny, while others are calling it a sheer fashion blunder. 

What did Cam say about his looks and lifestyle including his new hairdo?

The level of curiosity rose to the highest limits among his fans and every other individual when they saw Cameron wearing his hair so oddly. Everyone kept demanding answers and the memes were getting out of hand. This is when the adept player Cam Newton decided to come in the front and spill the beans.

Cam had put it in straight words that he is not shy of anything and he is more than what others see. The player further said that he is not apologetic about what he speaks or how he looks in front of anyone. He rather says that he finds everything about himself unique including his hairdo that is going viral on the internet lately. Cam added that he wishes to tell everyone that they should be unique; they should be themselves no matter what, at all points of life. 

What are the reasons behind Cam’s weirdly new hairdo?

This player knows how to communicate well and large, which is why he took to social media itself where his memes about cam newton hair were trending. He posted through his official page about why he is keeping his hair in such a peculiar way where strands are branching out all over against gravity. 

He revealed that there is an interesting connection behind his increased length of hair. He feels that the persistent growth of hair reminds him that he must stay consistent for personal development. The player strives to serve dual purposes with his hairdo; one being personal and the being social.

As far as social parameter is concerned, Cam said that he wishes to help others by donating his hair for kids’ wigs. He further wishes to raise funds for those needy children fighting who are fighting grave health problems. 

Final words

Undoubtedly, the internet is flooded with memes about cam newton hair. Someone posted on one of his pictures, “After half an hour trying to figure out this crazy haircut, I realized it is a coconut tree behind him.” Another internet user asked Cam if he could adjust his hair because it is kind of messing with his TV coverage. 

The jokes may or may not stop, but Cam is definite about his principles of staying unique, and this hairdo is one of his steps toward his principles. He does not care what others say about him or how many memes are in line about his hairdo. However, umpteen people have started respecting this guy even more after knowing his reasons for donation and self-growth behind the hairstyle. So, let’s see how others react further because Cam does not seem to change himself for others.

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