Social Media And The Modern Day Education: What Are The Results?

Education is a fundamental part of a person’s life. No matter which country or region he belongs to, in the end only education helps him to flourish and excel in his life. Education in the older times was much difficult to get and attain.

However, with all the latest technology and modern advancements, the mode of education has also taken a major turn and now it is much simpler to get.

Additionally, a lot of other factors have improved not only the quality of education but also the availability of it for everyone around the globe.

In the latest technologies and platforms, social media has to be the one residing on the very top. Currently there are very high chances of unavailability of even a single person without a social media account. Yes, that is how crazy it is.

Social media is another integral part of every human being nowadays, especially, the youth. Considering that, it is not possible for such a major part of the modern life not having any impact on another important part of life: education. Social media has quite a huge impact on the modern day education.

Social media

The organizations are able to communicate with the students

In the older times, student to institute communication was a hard task. The institutes only used to have a few notice boards or admin visiting hours to communicate with the students and it created a major gap between both the parties.

However, social media has effectively bridged that gap and student to organization communication has gotten much better now. Institutes can easily convey new policies and rules to the students through social media platforms. Similarly, teachers can be reached out as well for particular Q/A sessions.

Improved source of information

Social media has made it easier for the students to gather relevant information and answers to their queries. There are a lot of groups of students a particular field or even school groups and similarly, teacher groups where students are encouraged to post their homework queries to get help from the experts.

Additionally, information regarding the schools and admission policies can also be received through social media via different groups, pages and other learning management systems on social media.

Broader audience for research purposes

One of the greatest benefits of social media for students is the ease that has come with the social media groups and platforms. Now students can easily reach out to a broad audience through social media to collect data for their research assignments and even thesis surveys.

Not just the surveys, but the students can also conduct their online market research through social media platforms. It is an easier way to conduct research without having to step out of the house and going to different palaces.

Easy access to academic help

Finding the relevant academic assistance has never been simpler like it is now. Students do not have o wait for the next morning or the next class to solve their homework queries by asking the teachers or class fellows. Now, students can easily get affordable assignment help through social media platforms instead of reaching out to expensive assignment writing agencies and tutors.

Platform to create portfolios

Social media has made it easier for arts students to create their portfolio along with easily putting out their work in front of the public. Just like in business, students can also make their own brand and post their art work including logos, photography images, videography, and even other creative activities like calligraphy, paintings, and digital art etc.

This encourages them to work better with all the feedback and opinions they receive fro the general public. Additionally, they can also easily sell their art and make a living out of it. Here are hundreds of groups on Facebook with huge audience who are interested in arts and crafts and students can easily put their work out for them and sell it right away.

Connections with students belonging to different schools, countries, education systems, and cultural backgrounds

Social media has made the world a smaller place it is easier to communicate with people from every part of the world. Similarly, students can also easily communicate with other students residing in different parts of the world.

It encourages them to broaden their knowledge regarding different topics and courses.

Additionally, students belonging to third world countries can communicate with a student of Ivy League school and easily get some level of exposure to the high quality of education being given in those schools.

Secondly, communicating with people belonging to different cultures and regions makes it easier for the students to understand variations present in the world and if they have to make an assignment on any such issue then it is definitely an added plus point.

Education being an important part of an individual’s life should keep implementing all the latest advancements and new technologies to enhance the quality of education and train the future generations according to the latest trends and requirements.

Social media has been a great source of improvement in terms of education and enhancing its quality. There are a number of things that have been observed in the education system after including the usage of social media for educational purposes.

Students of the modern era are more aware and woke regarding different causes and topics both from the academic perspective and the social point of view.

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