Smarter Way to Choose Vehicle Finance

Nowadays, purchasing vehicles have become a lot easier by vehicle financing or auto-loans. For the vehicles which cannot be afforded by outright payment, people generally consider the option of vehicle financing. The vehicle finance usually provided by the banks and particularly financial institutions.

In-vehicle financing, buyers are lent the money to give to sellers and purchase the vehicle from them. The buyers are then asked to return that money in a specific period in monthly installments. You can avail pre-approved vehicle finance from online and you need to check your eligibility online.

In this case, you can search for the best vehicle finance online and fill up their online application form. You will get the approval instantly and then you can avail the loan by submitting your documents to the lender.

Vehicle Financing Options:

Direct Lending:

In the process of direct landing, a bank, finance company or credit union is the direct source of loan. The buyers are given the loan by these institutions, to buy a vehicle. They need to repay a loan to them as well, a finance charge or interest with it, over a while.

Dealership Financing: 

In the procedure of dealership financing, some automobile dealers can arrange your vehicle finance. The dealer makes a contract with the buyer; then he may sell it to the bank or any third-party financial institution (assignee). Then, the buyer has to give the finance amount plus the finance interest to the assigned third party institution.

Documents Required for Vehicle Finance

  • Identity Proof, which may include a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, passport, driving license, etc.
  • Address Proof such as Voter ID card, passport, etc.
  • Age Proof
  • Photographs
  • Car documents
  • Income proof such as salary slips or salary statements from a bank account

Necessary tips when going for Vehicle Finance

Try to pay high Down Payment:

The higher the down payment i.e. the initial payment; can be made, the better it is while financing a vehicle. The buyer should try to pay as much down payment as he can. If you make a large down payment then you can reduce your loan amount and rate of interest. Less interest can help save a lot of money. Consider paying up to 20 percent of down payment.

Check credit score:

It is an upright idea to check the credit score before any major purchases. Does the question arise how score affects vehicle finance? Well, having a poor credit may subject the buyer to higher interest rates. So, it is beneficial to first determine the credit score by getting a credit report. In case of bad credit score, you can apply for the car loan with bad credit scores.

Alert of extra charges in loan:

Sometimes, the lenders may offer to include additional fees into the finance. It may include tax, title, license, etc. Being aware of the charges included in the finance contract is an advantageous option.

Looking for cash rebates:

Some dealerships offer cash rebates i.e. no interest added while repaying the finance amount. Choosing such dealerships can be beneficial if determined carefully first. Their terms and conditions need to be checked thoroughly. Cash rebate combined with a low rate auto loan can also be a smart way while financing a vehicle.

Vehicle Finance Broker
Vehicle Finance Broker

Choosing Direct Landing or Dealership financing:

Pros of Direct Landing:

  • Option for automatic bank draft
  • Credit terms in advance are provided
  • Comparison options
  • No marking up of rates given to buyers

Pros of Dealership financing:

  • Multiple ranges of financing options due to dealer’s relationships with other banks
  • Programs for no interest financing
  • Convenience in the whole procedure

Cons of Dealership financing:

  • Improper information of the assignee
  • Marking up of rates

Vehicle finance can be the best option if the right terms and analysis of the payment amount are correctly done. Choose wisely and have your vehicle financed by a suitable convenient option favorable to your financial conditions.

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