Resisting Dyslexia Treatment And Assessment Can Keep An Intelligent Child Suffer Illiteracy

Dyslexia is a disease that causes difficulties in reading words or alphabets. A person is not able to recognize the words and alphabets, due to which they find difficulty in reading. If the dyslexia treatment and assessment are not carried out at an early stage, then it may cause reading or studying problems in a child.

Especially if the child is into higher studies, he or she may find problems in reading and writing. In many cases, lack of reading may even lead to illiteracy, instead of having an excellent intelligence level.

Language and vocabulary problems are common in the students suffering from dyslexia. Let’s find out about the treatment of this condition.

Early Dyslexia Treatment and Assessment will Reduce Problems:

Often come children find issues in reading or vocabulary in-spite of high intelligence or creative levels. To avoid the unwanted suffering for the children, it is necessary to seek dyslexia treatment and assessment of the problems at an early stage. Early-stage symptoms that can help in the detection of dyslexia are as follows:

  • Often, children have difficulty in speaking at an early age, but if child is not talking even after a few years of age, then chances of dyslexia are possible.
  • Catching new words are difficult for children, sometimes pronouncing the new words are also difficult. But if the catching of words is slower than the normal rate for your child, then it may be a sign of problem.
  • Learning nursery rhymes or remembering the words, including forming a sentence difficulty, can also be a problem sign.

The situation may turn out to be more serious as they grow older. They will have difficulties before starting their education and career. So, to avoid the failures in studies and career, it is necessary to have dyslexia treatment and assessment done by visiting a doctor.

When to see a Doctor in Cases of Dyslexia?

Dyslexia Treatment

Dyslexia symptoms are possible to be observed at an early stage of kids, so it will never be a good step to forcefully categorize your child as a normal child, if somehow you discover any signs of dyslexia.

Anytime or whenever the symptoms are observed, it is better to consult a doctor, as early detection can cure the disease at the earliest. Early detection of dyslexia will provide the intelligence of the child to groom for a better and brighter career instead of growing up illiterate.

Factors that lead to Dyslexia

Premature Birth: Premature birth is a condition when a baby takes birth before completion of nine months of pregnancy. Premature birth leads to incomplete development of brain and heart, so chances of dyslexia may arise in children born prematurely.

  • Low Birth Weight: Low weight during birth is a sign of low nutrition or deficiency in the body that may or may not include the brain functions. So, low birth weight is always considered to cause problems in the later growth of the child.
  • Brain Parts Problems: Unknowingly, if any brain part is not functioning properly, it may lead to problems in vision, reading or memorizing.
  • Heredity: In a few cases, dyslexia has been seen in family members, so if any person of the family suffers from dyslexia, then your child may have chances to develop dyslexia.

Dyslexia treatment and assessment can be verified through educational testing and can provide the diagnosis including the structure or instruction throughout the studies in schools and colleges till graduation. The assessment of a student is determined by the rank of the percentile ranks.

But in the case of adults, if dyslexia is found, then it can be diagnosed by the electronic readers. Above all, to reduce the difficulty through dyslexia, advice of an expert that is Response to Intervention (RTI)/ Multi-tiered System of Support, is used to determine or assess dyslexia.

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