Slumber Party Essentials – 6 Tips For Hosting A Successful Sleepover

Are you considering hosting a slumber party? Well, the key to a successful sleepover is to put a lot of effort into the planning and pay attention to every small detail. Don’t know where to start? Here are six easy tips to follow to ensure that your guests won’t mind staying up all night:

1.    Theme

Having a theme makes the sleepover all the more fun. Planning a theme is the ideal way to step the creativity up a notch and still have a ball of a time. When planning your theme, consider all the added elements you would like to match the theme.

Remember, your theme doesn’t need to be something cliché. For instance, ‘a night of the senses’ is a great idea for a sleepover. Delicious dishes enhanced with the smell of aroma diffusers set around your home can be a great way to enhance the senses while matching the theme. There are also many fun games you can play to link this or any other theme.

2.    Food First

The minute you consider hosting a sleepover, start planning the catering. One of the best things you can do is to let your menu decide your theme. For instance, if you’re going with tacos and burritos, then you can make Mexican siesta your theme. Most importantly, make sure you have enough snacks for your guests to munch on all night while playing games and having fun.

3.    Games and Activities

Speaking of games, what fun is a sleepover without them? Challenge your guests to a few traditional board games or games related to the theme you have chosen for the night. Games are a great way to keep everyone entertained.

If you don’t have games for your guests to play, you could consider indulging in some crafting. The most important thing is to always have some activities ready to keep your guests entertained. The last thing you want is for your guests to leave thinking it was a boring sleepover.

4.    Guest List

One of the most important components of a sleepover is the guests you decide to invite. Keep the guest list small and intimate. While it would be great to have everyone you know over, stick to inviting the guests that really need to be there and those who get along. This will help you avoid any unnecessary drama and make the sleeping situation more comfortable for all.

5.    Winding Down

Just before bedtime, make sure to ease your guests’ excitement with some light discussion and storytime. Another way to help your guests wind down is by treating them to a delicious, steaming cup of pink tea or turmeric milk.

Just don’t serve any sugary snacks before bed, and make use of your aroma diffuser to give them something soothing to smell. Nothing spells out “bedtime” more beautifully than the gentle smell of lavender.

6.    Plan the Morning

You might think that the sleepover ends when your guests wake up in the morning, but remember, no one likes being rushed in the morning.

So, plan a reasonable wake-up time for everyone, and make sure it’s not too early or too late. Then, keep the morning simple – perhaps just a muffin and a coffee with some fruit bowls before all your guests hit the road.

Keep your bathroom stocked with shower gel, soap, and shampoo. Oh, and keep extra toothbrushes in case any guests forget theirs. That’s all there is to it! Have yourself a fabulous slumber party, and remember to have fun through it all!

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