Simple Hair Hacks That Will Transform Your Hair Forever

Hair is not only a critical component of most people’s beauty regime, but it is critical in how others see us and how you see yourself. It has been a common theme for generations, and you’ve all read how a hairstyle can give you confidence, or make you look more professional. The hair complements the facial features and clothing and is a sign to many, of how well you look after yourself. So, it is important to get hair right here’s a little help.

The Right Diet

You have approximately 150,000 hairs growing from your scalp at any one time and all of these need to be fed. The hair is, however, not a vital organ and as such it is one of the first areas to be restricted nutrients and vitamins if there is a shortage of these in the body. There are, however, proven methods of hair nutrition and just as with the other cells in the body, the hair needs a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins to function at its best. There are numerous and varied hair potions and products out there but be assured that most of your hair nutrients will come from what you eat and drink. Ensure a balanced diet and lots of water and you will be a long way towards growing great hair.

Hair Restoration

If your hair is thinning and showing signs of ill health the first thing is to get checked for any underlying health issues. Then it is important to get the hair looking its best again as simply and as soon as you can. There are simple innovative, non-surgical techniques available that can do wonders to restore the hair to its former glory.

A great example is a holistic service offered for non-surgical hair restoration in Newport Beach – it’s a proven means to get your head of hair back to its best. All methods are personalized and involve stimulating the natural collagen to produce more and thus, thicker hair. The fact that this is non-surgical means it is non-intrusive and will enhance the actual strength of your existing hair, there is nothing artificial.

Washing techniques

For many washing hair is second nature; it’s something that is natural and not a second thought is given to how this is done. There is a myriad of techniques promoted online for the best hair wash and even going to the professionals is preferred by some. However, there are three basic truths for good hair washing.

Brush before you wash, it’s important to loosen and detangle the hair, this avoids breakage in the wash and allows you to access all of the hair during the wash. Ensure that a comb or brush that is suited to your hair type is used and that you do not excessively break or pull the hair.

Stimulate the scalp, hair growth is from the scalp, and the blood vessels in your scalp feed the hair roots and follicles. If the pores on the scalp and hair follicles are blocked the hair is not getting its best start. Massage the scalp during the wash and ensure that it is soaked with warm water to open pores and allow the oils in shampoos to penetrate into the skin.

Rinse. Removing any excess product, oils and soaps will be essential for the hairs’ continued growth and good health. These can cause dirt and excess oil to get stuck in pores and disrupt hair growth. There can also be an unsightly residue left in the hair, so be sure to rinse thoroughly and then rinse again.

Go as natural as possible

Depending on the specific needs of your hair type, it is advisable to go as natural as possible with the hair products that you use. The scalp produces natural oils and as such you do not want to remove all of these, every time you wash your hair.

You do want to however remove the dirt and excess oils that accumulate on the scalp and in the hair and add a long-lasting fragrance. This can all be done with as natural a product as possible so that you know exactly what you are putting in your hair and allowing to be absorbed into the scalp.

Above are a few simple things that you can do to improve and nourish your hair. Hair is one of your more prominent features and it’s easy to keep it that way with a little prior thought and preparation.

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