5 Reasons Why a Lumbar Traction Device Gives You the Best Stretch

When you stretch your lower back, there are many large muscles working together to stabilize and support your spine. You might find that no matter how much you reach for the sky, you can’t get all of the vertebra in your lower back to decompress. If you need some help to restore alignment to your lumbar spine, there are many devices to help you do that.

Give yourself the best stretch of your life with a Saunders lumbar traction device. Here are five reasons it’s likely to work for you:

1. You can control the amount of force applied to your stretch

Saunders lumbar traction devices have a leak-free pressure gauge, hoses, and blow-off valves to fine-tune the amount of stretch you receive. You’ll lie down and the machine will gradually pull from your hips and ribs to open up your lumbar spine. The device keeps a moving surface to apply the traction efficiently up and down the spine without pulling too much in one area.

2. You get a cost-effective option compared to a visit to the physical therapist

If you’ve been visiting a physical therapist, chiropractor, or other medical professionals to help stretch your spine and relieve pain in your lower back, a Saunders lumbar traction device can do that at a fraction of the cost. The design specifically mimics the split table often seen in medical settings to increase its effectiveness.

3. It’s easy to set up and use

If you can buckle yourself into a car seat, you can buckle yourself into this device. You just take out the unit with no assembly required. The pump clicks in place on the belt. The straps and belts adjust easily up to a 60” waist circumference.

4. It can help with problems that stretching can’t relieve

Because of its ability to help decompress your spine, a Saunders lumbar traction device may be better able to realign slipped disks, take pressure off herniated disks, and release nerves impinged by disks or tight muscles. It may even help you prevent surgery when prescribed according to your medical treatment plan. 

Always talk to your doctor about any medical treatment before beginning. Some conditions could be made worse by the force of traction.

5. It’s portable to stretch anywhere

A Saunders lumbar traction device comes in a convenient lightweight suitcase to take anywhere you need to relieve a sore back, including in the office and after a sports match.

Saunders Lumbar Traction Has Your Back

The reliability and portability of a Saunders lumbar traction device makes it a worthwhile investment in your arsenal of treatments for lower back pain. If you’ve tried many exercises to no relief, lumbar traction might be the next step in helping relieve pressure and tension from your lower back. Talk to your doctor about how lumbar traction can help you.

Finding a lumbar traction device is easy. You can find them online in a variety of makes and models. Just be sure you’re getting one with good pressure control, non-slip surface, portability, and easy set up, and you’ll feel better in no time.

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