Know the Expert Solutions for a Prolonged Pavement

Over time most of the roadways and driveways always need the asphalt maintenance to keep them in the usable condition. The two biggest enemies of the pavement are sun and the water.

When there are cracks then it allows the water to enter on the road and start to wash away the compact base as it also provides the foundation for the driving surface.

If you neglect or ignore the asphalt pavement for a long time then water eventually leads to the potholes and the large areas of the road get failed. For all these things you should know well about the seal coating.

Seal coating is the process in which the new durable and the protective layer of slurry seal coat material is sprayed on top of the existing pavement.

When you mix the asphalt for the new wearing surface for the driveway or parking lot then the slurry seal coat has embedded to aggregate into it.

The purpose of this process is to seal the small cracks as you can also add the barrier coat to protect the surface from the elements that destroy the pavement area.

If you know the paving contractors then you should know that they have the specialized types of equipment and materials which is essential to perform this service immediately.

If the pavement maintenance is put on the back burner for too long, then the condition of the roadway get a point where it seems to repair. It is vital asphalt maintenance to recur on a regular basis to ensure the overall reliability of a street, driveways, and parking.

Asphalt pavement maintenance planning

There are some cities around the country keep the asphalt paving company on retainer for seal coating and also do the other routine activities. Those who are the professional pavement contractors for the maintenance, best option for corporate the driveways and parking a lot.

You should choose the contractor who has a good reputation and does the business for many years. If you take the appropriate action then it can also save your time and money by making sure the maintenance application is matched to the severe problems of the pavements.

Interpret the defects in a particular way

As you know well there are three types of asphalt failure that is bond, structural and surface failure. From all these defects you should know well that how can you do the asphalt pavement repair.

For the bond failures it usually in the form of slippage between two layers of surfacing that cause the cracks in the first layer. In some of the cases, there is a combination of bonding as the crack failures cause the top layer.

The second defect is structural failure as it is the most common crack that includes the rutting and fatigue cracking. Rutting is basically depression of the pavement. It can occur in just the asphalt layer or throughout the whole infrastructure of the asphalt, base, and soil.

Fatigue cracking results from the surface that is flexed up and down from heavy loads. This defect occurs when the underlying road section has no longer support the loads being applied on the pavement. Even the heavy trucks can flex and damage a road more than thousands of cars passing over the same area.

A different solutions for these defects

There are different solutions for these defects that extend the damage found on the pavement surface. The solution you can include the surface seal coat, slurry seals, patching and full over-lays.

If you use the surface seal coat then it includes the slurry, cape, micro surfacing, fog and rubber chip seals. Fog seal contains no aggregate or sand and you can apply the spray to keep the surface aggregate in place.

Basically, the surface seal coat is the combination of sand and asphalt emulsion with other fillers. It also provides the black surface to protect from the ultraviolet damage and reduces the water intrusion. The slurry seal consists of an asphalt binder, graded fine aggregate and water are applied by machines with pressure.

There is an overlay that is used for the top of an existing pavement surface to strengthen and protect the original structure. It can be applied at the various thickness and also can be rubberized.

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